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    Helldivers 2 Terminid Control Tower

    Helldivers 2: How To Beat The Terminid Control Tower Mission

    Helldivers 2 received a new patch just yesterday, and with this update, there is now a new Major Order for all Helldivers to head to the Barrier Planets and […]

    byKarl Reyes|13 Mar 2024|Others

    Roblox Peroxide Codes

    Peroxide Free Reward Codes For 2024

    Hollows roam around in the world of the living, and it is your job as a Shinigami of the Soul Society to beat back the Hollows and become the […]

    byKarl Reyes|12 Mar 2024|ROBLOX

    Helldivers 2 stratagems and weapons

    Helldivers 2: Top 6 underrated weapons and stratagems

    While there are many standout Stratagems in Helldivers 2 that see a lot of use thanks to their versatility and utility in most missions, other types of ordinance have […]

    byKarl Reyes|12 Mar 2024|Others

    lies of p weapons

    Blox Fruits Free Reward Codes 2024

    Want to be a part of the best pirate crews in the world of Roblox? Then, you should redeem these codes to gain some free rewards and make your […]

    byKarl Reyes|11 Mar 2024|ROBLOX

    How to level up fast in Helldivers 2

    Helldivers 2’s new patch has significantly changed the meta

    Arrowhead Games launched a new patch in Helldivers 2 that provided not only some bug fixes and user experience changes but also some balance changes that’s been a hot […]

    byKarl Reyes|07 Mar 2024|Others


    Persona 3 Reload monthly guide: December to January

    We are now reaching the final stretch of Persona 3’s story, and surprisingly, there’s a lot of free time to be had in these months since most of your […]

    byKarl Reyes|07 Mar 2024|Others

    Helldivers 2 Mechs

    Mechs and vehicles could drop anytime now in Helldivers 2

    Since the first Helldivers game was released in 2015 for the PS4, PS5, and PC, players have been clamoring for the update to bring in pilotable mechs like the […]

    byKarl Reyes|06 Mar 2024|Others

    persona 3 reload schedule

    Persona 3 Reload monthly guide: October to November

    After going through September in Persona 3, October will be a relatively busy time for this year as there will be exams and story events. This is even more […]

    byKarl Reyes|05 Mar 2024|Others

    AFK Journey Skyclops Guide

    Last Epoch Officially Leaves Early Access For Full Release

    Eleventh Hour Games’ time-traveling action RPG entry, Last Epoch, has been in Early Access since 2018. Finally, the game has reached its 1.0 state this month of February. Steam […]

    byKarl Reyes|22 Feb 2024|Others

    persona 3 august september

    Persona 3 Reload Monthly Guide: August to September

    After July’s final exams, much of August will be free with no school, but that leaves all the school-related Social Links locked out until September. This is both a […]

    byKarl Reyes|22 Feb 2024|Others

    Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer release announced

    Elden Ring’s official Twitter account has revealed its schedule to release the gameplay trailer for its first expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. According to the tweet, this trailer will […]

    byKarl Reyes|21 Feb 2024|Elden Ring

    persona 3 monthly guide

    Persona 3 Reload monthly guide: April to May

    The Persona series is known for its Social Links and RPG mechanics that spur character growth outside of visiting dungeons. Character personality stats are a staple mechanic in all […]

    byKarl Reyes|20 Feb 2024|Others

    best weapons battlebit

    Persona 3 Reload guide to all Social Links

    One of the Persona franchise’s core features to getting stronger is the Social Link system, which ties into the player’s progression towards getting the most powerful Personas. A Social […]

    byKarl Reyes|18 Feb 2024|Others

    Elden Ring mobile game port in development by Tencent

    In a surprising turn of events, the gaming industry giant Tencent has released information about an upcoming mobile game port to FromSoftware’s hit action RPG Elden Ring. Tencent revealed […]

    byKarl Reyes|08 Feb 2024|Elden Ring

    Disney Buys $1.5 Billion Stake in Epic Games

    Walt Disney Company and Epic Games have signed on to a collaboration effort between the two industry giants. Disney announced their acquisition of an equity stake with Epic Games […]

    byKarl Reyes|08 Feb 2024|Fortnite