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Mason Bell has been a full time freelancer for the past five years. He has several articles, eBook’s and web contents published in his name. Being a game lover, he incorporates his gaming skills into writing which makes him a unique writer. He is always looking to build a sustained relationship with everyone.

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    escape from tarkov hideout - blog

    Escape from Tarkov Hideouts

    Escape from Tarkov is the perfect example of a game whose player base significantly spikes week after week. Many fans of the groundbreaking FPS have been generous with their […]

    EFT 11.7 Patch Notes

    Escape From Tarkov: A Rollercoaster Game of Bugs & Patches

    No matter how seemingly perfect a game is, even the most loyal of fan bases will start to see faults in it in time. This, of course, is due […]