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Community Specialist for PlayerAuctions. Chard is invested in a plethora of geekery: from console and retro games to Japanese anime, crime/thriller films, and Batman graphic novels. Huge fan and follower of Destiny and Halo lore.

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I Don’t Give a Buck: Ways to Get Free CSGO Skins

CSGO players love skins! Newbie’s who don’t have any skins want to have at least one; players who have one or more want more. Skins are like dopamine hits; they’re addicting because they make us feel good. Besides, getting a new CSGO skin makes our inventory look nice [...]

by Chard Ibañez|13 Jul 2017||CSGO, Others

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch: A Promising Start

Nintendo and FIFA aren’t two names that you see together very often. When Electronic Arts (EA) first announced FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch, it wasn’t a shock that some people were doubtful at the prospect of a possibly dumbed down FIFA on a handheld device. Also, it [...]

by Chard Ibañez|11 Jul 2017||FIFA

What Should FIFA 18 Career Mode Include?

Career modes have been a foundation in sports-related games. Depending on the game, it’s either stellar or good enough but lacking. For example, NBA 2K focuses on a well-done and robust career mode. On the other hand, WWE 2K and UFC career modes start out great, but they [...]

by Chard Ibañez|04 Jul 2017||FIFA

Legendary and Infamous: The Story of the M4A4 Howl

Lots of skins are in demand for CSGO! One reason is the masterful work of art. On the other hand, some skins have reached legendary status in the community because of controversy. One example is the M4A4 Howl. So, how did it gain fame and notoriety? Why did [...]

by Chard Ibañez|16 Jun 2017||CSGO, Others

CS:GO’s Banging Update: Operation Hydra

Valve recently released an update for CS:GO called “Operation Hydra.” For eighteen weeks (until September), gamers can experience a new campaign with different game modes (Hydra Events). Every week, a game mode is available to play: (1) Wingman, (2) Weapons Expert, or (3) War Games. The update includes [...]

by Chard Ibañez|06 Jun 2017||CSGO, Others

Rocket League: eSports and TV Debut

Rocket League has been a smash hit for quite some time now! Who would’ve thought that a soccer game with slick cars and cool arenas would leave a thumbprint in the gaming industry? Besides, its eSports scene is starting to pick up and headed toward mainstream success in [...]

FIFA 18: Keep An Eye Out

FIFA 18 launches September 2017 for the current generation consoles, and the PC. Yes, “current generation consoles” include the Nintendo Switch. Let’s hope that the Switch is a better home for the game than the previously disastrous PlayStation versions. Gamers have high expectations that FIFA 18 will be [...]

by Chard Ibañez|22 May 2017||FIFA

CSGO Trading Bots Instructions

To provide a better user experience to our buyers and sellers of CSGO items, including skins, PlayerAuctions has added a new “CSGO Trading Bots” feature. Sellers just create offers; when an order is placed, the bots take care of the work. The delivery is instant and secure. More [...]

by Chard Ibañez|16 May 2017||CSGO, Others