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Community Specialist for PlayerAuctions. Chard is invested in a plethora of geekery: from console and retro games to Japanese anime, crime/thriller films, and Batman graphic novels. Huge fan and follower of Destiny and Halo lore.

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Written by Chard Ibañez

Rocket League Featured Image

The Whys of Rocket League Prices

Rocket League, the hit sports game where there are rocket-powered cars in various ballgames has a variety of hip decorations for the player’s vehicles. With the trading system, players […]

FIFA Featured Image

Moving the Goalposts: FIFA 18 News

In 2016, we got FIFA 17. Then, we’ve had gamers who do some FIFA pack opening, which gives the game a fresh new take. Now, we are four months […]

byChard Ibañez|24 Apr 2017|FIFA

Rocket League Featured Image

Rocket League: How to Get Crates

Crates are special item drops in Rocket League patch v1.22. The Rocket League crate items include exclusive decals, wheels, rocket trails, and import battle-cars. Items are in five valuable […]

FIFA Featured Image

Why FIFA is Addicting

I’ve always wondered why soccer was a popular international sport. A game takes a long time to finish one match. Players must depend on the skill of the teammates; […]

byChard Ibañez|24 Mar 2017|FIFA