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Ryan Cheddi is a Mechanical Engineer, Freelance Writer and the author of the blog "Games with Coffee," - https://gameswithcoffee.wordpress.com/ established March 2017. A self-described "Mature, Distinguished Gamer," he writes about how the video game industry has positively impacted his life and gives advice on how to balance gaming with every day responsibilities. When he's not playing video games, reading up on the latest news in the industry, listening to video game music or drinking several cups of coffee, he can either be found writing, drawing, practicing martial arts or obsessing over the latest episode of "Game of Thrones". Ryan resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his wife.

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Written by Ryan

Path of Exile Challenges

Path of Exile Challenges: Why it Was Hard and Why Now is the Best Time to Play

Greetings fellow Exiles! This is Ryan and today, I’ll be talking about Path of Exile Challenges. It’s a difficult game to get into at first, but NOW of all […]

byRyan|13 Dec 2017|Path of Exile

Path of Exile Gameplay

Path of Exile Gameplay: Finally in Act 2

Good morning and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee!” After a long time, I finally got a chance to continue with some Path of Exile Gameplay. Long […]

byRyan|14 Nov 2017|Path of Exile

Path of Exile Fall of Oriath

Path of Exile Fall of Oriath Predictions for the Future

Hi Exiles! This is Ryan, back to talk more about Path of Exile (POE). With the latest release of the expansion, “Fall of Oriath,” POE is bigger than ever […]

byRyan|11 Oct 2017|Path of Exile

POE Orbs

When is the Best Time to Buy PoE Orbs?

Hello, Exiles! Ryan here, once again sharing some tips for Path of Exile (POE). Today, I’ll be answering the question: When is the best time to buy POE Orbs? […]

byRyan|20 Sep 2017|Path of Exile

POE Passive Skill Tree

Tips for Beginners and PoE Passive Skill Tree

Hello,Exiles! This is Ryan here to share some Path of Exile (POE) tips for beginners regarding Skill Points for the PoE Passive Skill Tree, Skill and Support Gems and […]

byRyan|13 Sep 2017|Path of Exile