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Tyson has spawned in! An experienced writer with a love for gaming spanning from Elune to Azeroth, his only weakness is a good energy drink.

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    Earthen — WoW’s Next Allied Race The War Within

    Disclaimer World of Warcraft: The War Within will be released on August 26th, 2024. Since this release date is decently far off, we are not currently certain on which […]

    byTyson|18 Jun 2024|World of Warcraft

    WoW Cataclysm Classic: Complete Guide to Goblins and Worgen

    The Cataclysm brings changing times. Oceans rise, skies fall, and Deathwing’s madness causes the land to shift below the feet of Horde and Alliance alike. The chaos does not […]

    byTyson|30 May 2024|World of Warcraft

    WoW Cataclysm Archeology Rewards Guide

    Archeology has recently arrived in World of Warcraft: Classic, bringing back-breaking labor and great rewards along the way! Well, not quite. The process for surveying dig sites in WoW […]

    byTyson|30 May 2024|World of Warcraft