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Daily Bronze Checklist — WoW MoP Remix

Daily Bronze Checklist
By | June 20th, 2024 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Let’s just keep things simple and brief. We have around 60 days left of WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria at the time of writing. This event, ending on August 19th, revolves mainly around Bronze—a new, temporary currency used to purchase nearly anything. To get all of the rewards, including mounts and class sets, you’ll need over one million Bronze. You can get Bronze from almost anything you do in this game mode, so having a basic checklist of what to do can help you maximize your time. This is that basic checklist. First, a few things you should’ve already done will be covered. After your toon(s) are prepped, we’ll go right into the checklist. Finally, we‘ll go over a few extra things you can do after you complete the daily checklist. Hopefully, this article will show you a method or two you didn’t already know of!

Before You Start

Prior to starting your daily routine, the below steps should be completed.

  • Max out your toon
    • Get good gear, gems, and consumables. It would be wise to max out your level, too.
  • Gather at least 4,200 Threads
    • This will unlock the achievement Infinite Power XII, a requirement for a part of this checklist.
  • Complete major questlines
    • These will grant you unwanted gear that you can put in your Unraveling Sands for more Bronze.

Daily Checklist

This checklist is per character, not per account.

Pick up your daily quests

  • Looking for More
    • Defeat 2 raid bosses
  • Looking for Group
    • Defeat 3 dungeon bosses
  • A Fresh Scene
    • Complete a scenario

Any difficulty will work for the above section. These quests are found at Infinite Bazaars. Each quest rewards a baseline of 1,250 Bronze, so it’s really 2,500 with the recently added buff. Queue up and do the other activities while you wait! Also, use the Group Finder for extra rewards. You’ll get them from your first runs of the day, as stated in the game.

World bosses

  • Galleon
    • Valley of the Four Winds (71.6, 64.4)
  • Sha of Anger
    • Kun-Lai Summit (54.4, 63.2)
  • Oondasta
    • Isle of Giants (50.6, 54.4)
  • Nalak
    • Isle of Thunder (60.5, 37.3)
  • Celestial Court
    • Timeless Isle
    • Can only defeat one boss for loot each day
  • Ordos
    • Timeless Isle, (55.0, 18.1)

If the respawn timer is not in your favor, try the Group Finder. It can pull you into premade groups where the rare is about to come up…or about to be downed!

Other Ways to Farm

You’ve done the daily checklist on all of your Timerunners and you still have time to burn. Now what?

Leveling Alts

  • Provides another shot at the daily checklist
  • Plenty of questing means plenty of gear to scrap
  • At levels 50, 60, and 70, there will be quests from Momentus on the Timeless Isle (25.0, 52.8).
    • Rewards a total of 40,000 Bronze


  • Available at level 25
  • Currently on a daily lockout

Mob Farms

  • Nerfed but still viable
  • Best with a group
  • Popular mobs include frogs, goats, mantids, and more
    • Just go to the Group Finder and apply for whatever farm people are doing. There are usually a few groups up at any given time.
  • You can usually watch a show or something similar while you do this method. Very mindless as long as your toon has some gear!


  • Only some reward Bronze
  • Can only be done once
  • Varies greatly in difficulty


With the many ways to get Bronze in MoP Remix, it can be hard to decide what to do each time you log in. The above checklist and suggestions will help with this by providing a structure. You can mindlessly kill frogs while watching a livestream, complete Mythic raids to fulfill achievements, or grind an alt army out in the time we have left—the possibilities are infinite! The daily checklist provided in this article will help you get as much Bronze as possible. Bronze can be used to purchase cosmetics exclusive to this event, rare mounts that are nearly impossible to get, and even transmog sets! These rewards will be available to your non-Remix characters upon collection. Be sure to stretch occasionally, and happy grinding!

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