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FFXIV x Gong Cha Collab: How to Get the Porxie King Mount

How to Get the Porxie King Mount
By | June 20th, 2024 | Categories: FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV has collaborated with various franchises and series throughout the years, but this time’s collab will give us a sweet treat. FFXIV will partner with Gong Cha to reward players with a sweet flying mount. You only need to buy certain products at a specific amount to redeem the cute Porxie King. 

FFXIV x Gong Cha Collab

This partnership could be the easiest way to get cool rewards. FFXIV collaborated with Gong Cha to promote the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, and the event will start on July 17, 2024. Unlike previous ones, the event rewards are limited, and it’ll be your only chance to get the Porxie King. However, collecting this mount is easy, and you won’t need to do in-game grinding to add another companion to your list.

How to Get the Porxie King Mount

Fans only need to buy at least three or more drinks in a single visit  to get the unique mount, which will be available once they input the given code. While the Porxie King will be redeemable worldwide, you can only collaborate in specific locations. 

Only those in Japan, North America, Europe, and Oceania can obtain codes for the Porxie King after visiting the nearest Gong Cha shop. Players in Asia won’t have any direct way to collect these redeem codes, but they can still get the mount if they have a friend in the selected areas. It’s unclear if there is a limit to how many Porxie Mounts you can get from buying milk tea, but many are already purchasing more than three to get more codes for their friends. 

How Long Will the FFXIV x Gong Cha Event Last

The collab will start on July 17, 2024, and will run until August 28, 2024, giving players more than enough time to go to their nearest Gong Cha for the mount. Once the event ends, you won’t be able to get codes from any purchases. It should be noted that the Porxie King can only be obtained via this method. The mount is untradeable in the market and is usually a reward for collab events. If you missed out on getting Porxie King during the collab, you will have to wait for the next one, which we have no idea when that’ll be.

FFXIV Collaboration Events

FFXIV collaborates with various entities, ranging from games from the same franchise to real-life establishments. The most recent were crossovers with Dragon Quest, Yo-Kai Watch, and FFXVI. You can get various rewards during these events. Some of these events require you to farm Fated missions or raids, while others will have you undergo quests connected to the series the game partnered with.

There have been a handful of times wherein FFXIV has teamed up with real-life establishments, especially when they are promoting new expansions. The most recent ones would be with Gong Cha, Uniqlo, and KFC. During these events, rewards are usually tied with IRL purchases from respective stores. You must either buy a specific item or buy things in targeted quantities. The redeems for these crossovers can sometimes be limited, so gamers must race against the clock to ensure they get their hands on the codes.

How Will You Know if There is a Collab

Square Enix regularly announces collabs months before the events to give players enough time to prepare. Some will be posted on their official pages, such as the FFXIV Lodestone or Twitter. Others are discussed in Dev Talks. It’s best to regularly check on any Final Fantasy XIV news outlet so that you can stay updated on any relevant or important events happening in the game.

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