I saw some websites offering PlayerAuctions coupons. Are they legit?

We have noticed that there have been several Groupon and cashback sites claiming to offer PlayerAuctions coupons. We assure you that those are false claim because we never offered and we will never provide any third party with coupons or discount codes. We strongly advice you stay away from those platforms since the only purpose of them claiming that they have a coupon is to lure visitors and phish their Browser cookie.

Where can I get a PlayerAuctions coupon?

As a middleman, we facilitate and secure tradings among players. We earn a low commission fee for each successful order. This means a tight profit margin for us that makes it impossible for PA to offer an extra discount in a huge volume.

However, for promotion purposes, we sometimes offer coupons in giveaways ranging from $20 to $100. Make sure to follow us on our social media channels so you don’t miss out.

What about a discount?

It’s not hard to find some discounted offers in our marketplace –

In-game Currency & Items Bulk Purchase Discount

Many of our sellers offer bulk purchase discounts to encourage a larger volume of buying, marked with a red “$” icon underneath the volume input.

playerauctions discount

By toggling the volume input, you will see a table with specific discount volume for each amount.

playerauctions discount price

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