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Is PlayerAuctions Legit?

Yes, PlayerAuctions is an authentic and trustworthy platform. We’ve been up and running since 1999 and are trusted by 1 million+ registered members. Our business protects Buyers from scams, and provides Sellers protection against payment fraud and chargebacks.

Check out reviews from our users:

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“Easy as 1 2 3. Buy!” 

Player Auctions is a very easy and secure site to do business with. I’ve been buying and selling on the site for the last 6 years and it’s been very easy to buy game products with less than a 1% chance of any issues occurring. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to buy virtual items.

Jeremy K.,

“Fast, Legit, Affordable, Amazing!”

I have bought a few things from Player Auctions like a Pokémon Go account and Microsoft Office Pro and both came very fast and were legit. No issues with this site yet and I will continue to purchase from here as needed. I just recommend buying Player Guardian with each purchase because it’s worth it just in case.

Garret C.

“Love this site, it’s perfect and safe”

This is my third purchase and this site is delivering exactly as it promises I’m so happy. The gaming community has never been more secured and we are safe to do what we love best. I’m thankful for Player Auctions.

Michael W.,

“PlayerAuctions is the best trading site ever”

I’ve been trading accounts and items on PA since November. 3 years ago, I had no problems whatsoever. Fast transactions, friendly staff, coupon giveaways. I don’t know what more could you wish for. Every trade went smoothly with no delays. 100% recommend this site if you want trades to go well and no scam. Peace!

Cojocaru E.

How Does PlayerAuctions Ensure Safe Trading?

We strive to protect our users— both buyers and sellers —with a scam-free trading environment.

Our PlayerGuardian technology conducts rigorous security screening processes. The purpose: to protect payments between buyers and sellers with banking-level security and fraud prevention software.

After every transaction, our users rate each other based on their trading experiences by providing transparent feedback. PlayerGuardian rewards quality service, and penalizes unreliable traders.

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    Yes, I have a good experience in trading.

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