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Warframe Lua’s Prey Update

It’s been a while since a major update has been implemented in Warframe. Fans are ravenous for a new Warframe to use in their adventures. The Lua’s Prey Update […]

byDillan|15 Nov 2022|Warframe

New World Fresh Start

New World Fresh Start Servers Guide

Two weeks after the Brimstone Sands update, New World introduced several Fresh Start Worlds sets. These new servers will give players a chance to start everything from scratch. With […]

byDillan|01 Nov 2022|Others

PoE Forbidden Sanctum

Dragonflight Pre-Patch Notes

Dragonflight has made a lot of buzz in World of Warcraft, as new and veteran players are very excited about it. The upcoming expansion has also attracted a lot […]

byDillan|25 Oct 2022|World of Warcraft

Fresh Start Worlds

OSRS Fresh Start Worlds Guide

Some players are too tired of competing with well-established gamers to get on the leaderboard or earn money. For adventurers who want a clean slate for everyone, joining an […]

byDillan|18 Oct 2022|OSRS

FFBE Tier List

FFBE Tier List

Final Fantasy Braves Exvius has spawned a lot of units throughout its history. Most of these characters are based on other Final Fantasy titles, while others are from crossovers […]

byDillan|09 Oct 2022|Others

YBA Tier List

YBA Tier List

Your Bizarre Adventure features a ton of Stands that are available for players to use. While you could become a strong fighter in your own right, having your own […]

byDillan|09 Oct 2022|Others


Roblox Blox Fruit Tier List

In Blox Fruits, you want to become the strongest person in the game to take on the most dangerous foes. To become powerful, you can either master the way […]

byDillan|03 Oct 2022|Others

Viktor Lore

How to Get White Dye in Minecraft

Minecraft is abundant in resources that players can harvest to create various structures or items. Some of these things can be functional or purely for aesthetic purposes. Dyes are […]

byDillan|29 Sep 2022|Others

Warframe Weapons Tier List

Warframe Weapon Tier List

In the dangerous outskirts of space, having the right weapons can mean life or death in many situations. Warframe offers players a plethora of items that they can use […]

byDillan|22 Sep 2022|Warframe

Crystal Event Genshin

Diablo Immortal Eternal Orbs Guide

Eternal Orbs is one of the best and most important currencies in Diablo Immortal. These orbs are what made the game essentially P2W and microtransactions heavy. While fans may […]

byDillan|19 Sep 2022|Diablo

Green Dye

How to Get Green Dye Minecraft

Minecraft is more than just gathering and improving items to progress through the game’s many bosses. A lot of the game’s features heavily revolve around building and decorating. Dyes […]

byDillan|12 Sep 2022|Others

How Tall is Venti

How to Play Jungle League of Legends Guide

League of Legends is a team battle, which means every teammate has a role to fill in each match. One of the most challenging and impactful parts of LoL […]

byDillan|07 Sep 2022|League of Legends


How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft Guide

There are tons of resources that players can and need to harvest in Minecraft for various crafting. Honeycombs are some of the most essential materials for players, especially for […]

byDillan|07 Sep 2022|Others

Viktor Lore

How to Get Smoothstone in Minecraft

Cobblestones are probably one of the most common but essential materials in Minecraft. They are used to create various tools, craft stations, and create makeshift structures. Aside from these, […]

byDillan|07 Sep 2022|Others

PoE Lake of Kalandra

PoE Lake of Kalandra Skill Tree Guide

The Atlas Skill Tree was introduced way back in the Siege of Atlas League, and it has remained one of the most crucial aspects in Path of Exile, especially […]

byDillan|01 Sep 2022|Path of Exile

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