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CSGO Skins or Bans Carry Over

Will Skins and Bans Carry Over to Counter Strike 2?

Valve has recently provided more information about the highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2, addressing concerns and questions about the transfer of skins and bans from the preceding game, Counter-Strike: Global […]

byTommy Yao|23 Mar 2023|Others

Steam Wallet GCash

Counter Strike 2 System Requirements

Built with the Source 2 engine, Counter-Strike 2 will use this framework’s features and tools, maximizing performance gains on a wide array of hardware. Valve upgraded classic maps and […]

byTommy Yao|22 Mar 2023|Others

video game controversies

NFTs Industrialize the Gameplay Loop… That’s a Terrible Idea

The Commodification of Games NFTs will destroy video games if industry-wide adoption occurs. This is not, well mostly not, hyperbole. NFTs mean the ability to commodify things that were […]

byTommy Yao|17 Feb 2022|Featured

FFXIV Release Date

FF:XIV New Release Date – Endwalker Delayed

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion, Endwalker, has been delayed for two weeks. It was originally slated for a November 23rd release but during the final preview before the expansion, […]

byTommy Yao|07 Nov 2021|News

NFTs and Blockchain Games

What are NFTs and How do Blockchain Games Work?

What Even is Non-Fungible For those who have had any, and I mean any, exposure to the internet in the last year or so, they’ve heard the acronym NFT […]

byTommy Yao|03 Nov 2021|News

Destiny 2 Matchmaking Trials 2

Destiny 2’s No Good, Horrible, Very Bad, Trials Weekend

What Is Happening With Trials of Osiris? Trials of Osiris has long been, at least when its available, the pinnacle of Destiny 2 PvP. Flawless cards are exceedingly rare, […]

byTommy Yao|31 Oct 2021|Destiny

new world currency

Currency Crisis in New World

A Crisis of Coin Players in New World are experiencing a rare economic crisis, at least within the scope of online gaming: deflation. More money is leaving circulation than […]

byTommy Yao|19 Oct 2021|MMORPG