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List of All Destiny 2: The Final Shape New Exotic Gear

By | May 27th, 2024 | Categories: Destiny

The Final Shape expansion is set up to be Destiny 2’s last major expansion for the foreseeable future, as the story of the Light and Dark saga comes  to a close. With the arrival of The Witness at the Pale Heart of The Traveler, players are getting ready to tackle the new content coming next week. Bungie has released videos on the brand-new Exotic weapons and armor that will arrive with the release of The Final Shape, teasing players with more fun gear to chase. Here are all the currently known Exotics that have been revealed.

Exotic Class Armor

Originally seen in Destiny 1, Exotic Class equipment will finally be making a return in The Final Shape and may become some of the most coveted armor in the game. Unlike in Destiny 1, where Exotic Class items only provided reputation and XP buffs, this version will feature a whole list of Exotic armor effects.

Each drop of the Exotic Class item will have randomized rolls with Exotic perks taken from existing armor. Since the new Prismatic subclass allows players to mix and match different subclass features into their build, it’s only fair that they get an Exotic armor piece that follows the same core idea.

Additional Info On Teased Exotics

 Previously, Bungie only provided vague details of each weapon and armor, but thanks to the Destiny community, we finally have some new info on the incoming gear in The Final Shape.


For the Microcosm Exotic Heavy Trace, this weapon is the first trace rifle to deal Kinetic damage. Not only does it deal bonus damage against elemental shields, but it also provides Super energy on kills as well as granting a damage buff after a Super is cast. Depending on the damage testing, Microcosm can do well as an add clear and boss DPS weapon if players cast their Super first for DPS. Warlocks with the Cenotaph Mask can finally run an entire loadout of Trace Rifle along with the Microcosm, which could soon become an ammo-efficient PvE powerhouse.

Khvostov 7G-0X

There’s more to the Khvostov 7G-0X, the weapon that saved many New Lights then meets the eye. Its perk allows the 7th shot of every burst to ricochet for additional damage. However, picking up an Orb of Power will empower the next few ricochet shots, dealing even more damage and hitting even more targets. This weapon was the workhorse of every new Guardian in the field and will remain that way even for the experienced players jumping into the Pale Heart. Perhaps it will even see use in the raid arriving 3 days after launch.

Still Hunt

The Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle has some additional synergies that were not originally revealed in its teaser trailer. All three Golden Gun shots are only given after filling the weapon’s charge meter, which is filled by landing headshots and collecting Orbs of Power. Good news for Hunter mains: Celestial Nighthawk also affects Still Hunt, letting you shoot two empowered Golden Gun shots. This weapon will soon become a pocket Super for many classes, even becoming competition for Izanagi’s Burden.

Red Death Reformed

Making a surprise appearance in the Final Shape is the D1 classic weapon, the Red Death Exotic Pulse Rifle. Specifically, it is now the Red Death Reformed. Like its D1 counterpart, getting kills with his weapon will restore your health and increase your reload speed. Not only that, reloading the weapon after a kill will also restore the health of nearby allies. For its Exotic perk, dealing damage with the weapon grants increased handling, reduced flinch and more movement speed for a short time. When in critical condition, the weapon deals additional damage.

New Exotic Armor and Effects


For the Mataiodoxia Warlock Chest, we get to see the other half of its Exotic perk. First, damaging an enemy with Arcane Needle will make them explode with Suspend when defeated. If the wearer hits multiple needles on the same target, the target will immediately explode with more power and a larger radius. Should the wearer defeat a target while it is suspended, they gain melee energy. Lastly, the Arcane Needle will be granted the Anti-Barrier effect. This Exotic allows you to stun both Barrier and Unstoppable Champions on demand effectively.

Hazardous Propulsion

With the Hazardous Propulsion Titan Chest, this Exotic is a must-have for players using Rocket Launchers. Its perk states that precision hits or kills have a chance to load one Exodus Rocket on the armor, up to a total of six. Casting the class ability launches all missiles in the rack. Each Exodus Rocket hit grants a 20% damage buff to Rocket Launchers and Rocket Frame Sidearms for 10 seconds. In boss encounters that require rocket DPS, this becomes a powerful Exotic for Titans.

Gifted Condition

The Gifted Condition Hunter Chest armor helps wearers spread Jolt around quickly.  Whenever the wearer uses Ascension or Tempest Strike, this launches mini grenades that inflict Jolt on enemies caught in the blast radius. Now, Jolting an enemy, regardless of source, will grant the wearer incoming damage reduction for 10 seconds. This gives Hunters far more survivability as a reward for playing more aggressively.

Speaker’s Sight

Based on the Speaker’s mask in Destiny 1 and 2, the Speaker’s Sight Exotic is a support-oriented armor piece that focuses on keeping the whole team alive. Its Exotic perk converts the Healing Grenade into a Healing Turret that will automatically shoot nearby teammates with 5 healing projectiles. Healing teammates will sometimes drop Orbs of Power for the wearer, rewarding Warlocks that keep their teammates topped up on health. If paired with either the Lumina or Edge of Intent, you can ensure that your team will last much longer in endgame scenarios.

Wishful Ignorance

For the Titans that like to spam their melee abilities, the Wishful Ignorance will allow you to be effective up close and personal. Its Exotic perk grants an extra charge for the Frenzied Blade ability. Each hit with this ability or Flechette Storm will increase the damage of the next melee strike. Banner of War pulses will also grant melee energy that scales to the number of allies healed by the pulses. With the new Prismatic changes, this Exotic can help Titans use other melee abilities like Consecration and Cryoclasm as much as possible.

Based on the short amount of testing by content creators, this weapon provides +20% damage on the second melee attack, +50% on the third, and +100% on the fourth. If Titans play their cards right with a One-Two Punch shotgun, they could dish out some serious damage when paired with the Wishful Ignorance Exotic.

Balance of Power

PvP Hunter mains are about to make some new plays in the Crucible with this Exotic armor. Its Exotic perk enhances the Threaded Specter Aspect by adding two Threadlings on the decoy along with added durability and duration. If the decoy is shot, it will release one Threadling that tracks the nearest target. While the Threaded Specter decoy is active, standing near it will hide the wearer’s presence from enemy radar. This gives Hunters a new way to trick and bamboozle enemy Guardians in the Crucible.

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