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Another season has dawned on Diablo 3, and players are eager to speed-run their seasonal characters and paragon levels. Aside from their job progression, champions are also expected to grind the seals for their Altar of Rites, the latest theme for Season 28. With so many things to do in the current update, players seek the best jobs to solo clear dungeons and trials quickly. This tier list will help gamers decide which classes and build they should go for.

All Diablo 3 Classes

There are seven playable classes in Diablo 3, and all of them can be played as either a male or female. Each has varying styles and can be used with hundreds of different builds. If you are looking for which job fits your playstyle, then familiarizing yourself with each is recommended. Here are all the classes in Diablo 3:

  • Barbarian – These warriors are the epitome of brute forcing your way through problems. They deal with explosive attacks at close range and can take on considerable damage. The Barbarian is your best pick if you like swinging a giant axe at your enemies. 
  • Crusader – If you want to be an “immovable wall,” the Crusader is your best choice. These holy warriors have the highest defense among all the classes. With their heavy armor and large shield, they can give enemies good thrashing while protecting their team.
  • Demon Hunter – Players who prefer to thin down their enemies from afar with bolts of arrows and projectiles should always go for Demon Hunter. This agile class may be squishy up close but incredibly lethal from long range. If you are not keen on fighting enemies, choosing this ranged class is the best choice.
  • Monk – You can defeat hordes of demons with just your martial prowess if you choose Monk. These lethal characters are experts in hand-to-hand and armed combat. They are more mobile. 
  • Necromancer – If you bought the DLC, you could play the latest Necromancer class. The ability to raise the dead to fight for them makes this job a formidable foe. Stay behind the safety of your undead wall while your resurrected warriors clean up the mess.
  • Witch Doctor – While you don’t get to summon powerful undead fighters or fire strong arcane spells, your strength as a Witch Doctor lies in your companions and debuff abilities. You can call upon various familiars, such as bats, spiders, and zombies, to fight alongside you while you inflict status ailments on enemies. 
  • Wizard – Those who prefer to dabble in the arcane will enjoy this class. Wizards can fire destructive spells against their enemies and take them out from a distance. If your magic doesn’t work, you can always use your sword to finish off foes. 

Tier List

This tier list represents how well these builds perform in solo gameplay. You shouldn’t focus heavily on this build ranking to know which ones work best in teams. However, since Diablo 3 is mainly played alone, this list is reliable in deciding which class you should attend in Sanctuary. Here is the tier order of each popular build in the game:

  • S Tier – Tal Rasha Meteor Wizard, LoD “Bazooka” Meteor Wizard, Raekor Boulder Toss Barbarian, LoD WoL Monk, Trag’Oul Death Nova Necromancer, LoD Death Nova Necromancer, Inarius Death Nova Necromancer, and Zunimassa Poison Dart Witch Doctor
  • A Tier – Masquerade Bone Spear Necromancer, LoD Corpse Explosion Necromancer, Rathma AotD Necromancer, Mundunugu Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor, Inna Mystic Ally Monk, PoJ Tempest Rush Monk, LoD HotA Barbarian, Savage Frenzy Barbarian, LoD Twister Wizard, Firebird Meteor Wizard, Natalya Spike trap Demon Hunter, Marauder Sentry Demon Hunter, UE Multishot Demon Hunter, UE Hungering Arrow Demon Hunter, Akkhan Condemn Crusader, LoN Bombardment Crusader, AoV Heaven’s Fury Crusader, LoD Hydra Wizard, Firebird Explosive Blast Wizard, and Firebird Flame Blades Wizard
  • B Tier – Waste Whirlwind Rend Barbarian, Typhon Hydra Wizard, Arachyr Spiders Witch Doctor, LoN Poison Dart Witch Doctor, SWK WoL Monk, SWK Tempest Rush Monk, SWK LTK Monk, Raiment Generator monk, GoD Hungering Arrow Demon Hunter, LoD Frozen Orb Wizard, Vyr Chantodo Wizard, Vyr Reverse Archon FG Wizard, DMO Twister Wizard, Invoker Thorns Crusader, SotL Blessed Hammer Crusader, Akkhan Bombardment Crusader, LoD Poison Scythe Necromancer, and Shadow Impale Demon Hunter
  • C Tier – MotE Leapquake Barbarian, MotE Seismic Slam Barbarian, IK HotA Barbarian, Helltooth Zombie Bears Witch Doctor, Jade Harvester Witch Doctor, LoD Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor, DMO Frozen Orb Wizard, Roland Sweep Crusader, LoD Blessed Shield Crusader, LoD Rapid Fire Demon Hunter, Inarius Poison Scythe Necromancer, Uliana EP Monk, and LoD Tempest Rush Monk
  • D Tier – Helltooth Gargs Witchdoctor, Tal Rash Frozen Orb Wizard, IK Charge Barbarian, LoD “Rat” Mage Necromancer, Pestilence Corpse Lance Necromancer, and AoV Fist of the Heavens Crusader
  • F Tier – Arachyr Chicken Witch Doctor

If you want solo play, builds from S to B tiers are the best options. C tier and below can be helpful to or serve a niche role when playing with other players. After choosing your preferred class, check out each build and see which one fits your style better.

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