Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate Bug Fix

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Despite being critically acclaimed, Diablo IV must still be filled with many glitches. One of the most notable bugs in the game involves the Fury Against Fate quest, which has yet to be resolved. With a new season coming, the mission has found a new way to irritate players with a new glitch. How can wanderers fix this issue?

Diablo IV Fury Against Fate Quest

The Fury Against Fate quest takes place in the Wasting Hollow dungeon and is given by Ealda, a member of the Crane Tribe. She seeks your aid in defending her people from a cannibalistic cult. To complete the quest, you’ll meet Ealda in the Wasting Hollow and clear the cannibal feeding ground by defeating cannibals and their leader, Korvok the Carver. After the clearing, Ealda will summon three waves of enemies, including cannibals, cultists, and the Devourer boss. Defeating all enemies completes the quest.

The story of the quest reveals that the Crane Tribe has lived in fear of the cannibalistic cult, who have been sacrificing Crane Tribe members to their dark god. With your help, Ealda defeats the cult and saves her people. However, she warns that the cult may return, emphasizing the need to be prepared for their possible resurgence.

Diablo IV Fury Against Fate Bugs

Fury Against Fate is one of the quests players hate to do because it has two persistent glitches that can hinder your progress. The first involves un-interactable and immovable NPCs that are supposed to help you accomplish your objectives. The second is a more recent discovery involving an unbreakable barricade. 


The bug may involve Ealda and her tribe not moving into the cave to fight the cannibals with you, leaving you to face all enemies alone. This can be challenging without the help of allies. Another version of this glitch involves players speaking to Ealda, accepting the quest, and proceeding to a dungeon to defeat an army of cannibals. However, a bug occurs where Ealda and her tribe get stuck, making it impossible to complete the quest.

Potential NPC Bug Fix

To fix the common bug in the Fury Against Fate quest in Diablo IV, try completing any in-game event nearby before entering the cave to clear the cannibals. The tribe may not join you in the den while an event is ongoing. After finishing the event, return to the tribe, and they should now follow you into the cave.

Other potential fixes include logging out and logging back in or changing to World Tier 1. While changing world tiers has worked for some players, the first two methods have been more reliable. If none of these fixes work and the Fury Against Fate bug persists, you may need to wait for the developers to issue a patch to address the issue. Here is a more detailed step on how to fix the bug:

  • Abandon the quest.
  • Log out and log back in outside the cave until no World Event occurs.
  • Make your way up to the search start.
  • Start the pursuit once again and make your way back to the cave.
  • If there’s a World Event, log out and back in until there’s no event.
  • Go into the cave and talk with Ealda.
  • If the NPCs are still bugged, destroy the gate and kite the enemies toward them, they should move now.
  • If the issue persists, log out and back in outside the cave until there’s no World Event.
  • Go back into the cave and talk to Ealda.
  • The quest should work now.

Barricade Bug

Diablo IV’s barricades are causing frustration among fans due to their frequent appearance along roads. One bug in the Fury Against Fate side quest involves an Elite Gore-Soaked Barricade that appears unbreakable, hindering quest progression. Multiple players have reported the glitch and have been present for a while. 

Blizzard Entertainment has addressed the issue officially, but there are still some people who are still experiencing it. Some users have discovered a temporary workaround to deal with this glitch. Recently, this specific bug has become more frequent in the game. Players eagerly await a fix from the developers to resolve this barricade issue in the Fury Against Fate quest.

Barricade Bug Potential Fix

For PC users facing barricade issues in Diablo IV’s Fury Against Fate mission, there’s a potential fix suggested on Reddit:

  • Ensure the game is in windowed or borderless window mode.
  • Set the minimum background FPS to 1FPS.
  • Relog outside of the cave.
  • Click on the cave entrance and tab out, then wait until everything fully reloads at 1FPS.
  • Speak to the NPC and tab out again.
  • Wait until they start shouting, then continue with the quest.

NOTE: Remember that these methods may only sometimes work and might require multiple attempts for success.

When Will Blizzard Start Fixing Diablo IV Bugs?

Blizzard has been actively addressing bugs in Diablo IV through multiple patches since the game’s launch. They are dedicated to resolving issues swiftly and have a team of developers working on bug fixes regularly. Players can report bugs to Blizzard through the official Diablo IV website to aid in the improvement process.

Although it’s uncertain when all the bugs will be fixed, Blizzard is making significant progress and expects to resolve major bugs shortly. If you encounter any bugs in Diablo IV, you can report them by following these steps:

  • Go to the Diablo IV website.
  • Click on the “Support” tab.
  • Select “Report a Bug.”
  • Complete the bug report form.
  • Submit the report.

Blizzard will review and prioritize the bug reports to address them quickly. However, managing all these glitches will take some time, so players should be patient with future updates.

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