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Diablo 4 is now 25% off on all platforms

Diablo 4 Battle Pass
By | August 29th, 2023 | Categories: Diablo

In a surprising decision, Blizzard has cut the prices for Diablo 4 by 20%-25% on all platforms. Players who want to experience grind demons in Sanctuary can now do so for the following prices, according to the official Blizzard storefront:

  • Standard Edition USD 54.59 (- 25%)
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: USD 71.99 (- 20%)
  • Ultimate Edition: USD 74.99 (- 22%)

Blizzard very rarely decreases the prices of its mainline releases or offers a discount, at least not so close to release. Diablo 4’s well-noted struggles with player retention may have played a role in this decision. In addition, Diablo 4 is having its first double XP weekend – a common strategy in live-service post-release plans to boost player engagement.

Blizzard has never offered a double XP event so close to launch.

Player count metrics are down across the board. From July to August, it went from 6.1mil to 365k peak players.

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