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KFC Gives Away Diablo 4 Access Codes for A Double Down

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By | March 12th, 2023 | Categories: Diablo

The Diablo 4 Early Access Beta is just around the corner, and players are getting ready to get their first taste of the world of Sanctuary for its fourth iteration. Fortunately for fans, if they haven’t bought a pre-purchase package, they can still play the beta version a week after the initial Early Access. However, KFC offers gamers a choice to play Diablo 4 during the first Open Beta.

KFC’s Double Down Comes with a Diablo 4 Early Access Code

KFC is offering fans of the famous Diablo series to gain access to the first Early Access date with a simple purchase. The popular fast-food chain provides those who buy their Double Down a free access code to the initial Open Beta. This offer is only available if they buy the product via the KFC website or the app.

This offer comes in time as the Double Down returns on top for a limited time. The burger is described as one of KFC’s most ridiculous sandwiches; some also consider as one of the worst meals on the menu. While its food rating is highly up for debate, players will be safe in the knowledge that a good reward comes with this purchase. 

How to Get the Early Access Code from KFC

If you are looking to risk your taste buds for the Early Access codes, then you only need to do a few things. Make sure to order Double Down from KFC’s official website or app. Onsite purchases do not count toward getting codes. Afterward, you will receive a message on your registered email containing your Early Access pass.

This promo will run until the day till the Open Beta launches or until all the codes are redeemed. It is unknown how many redeemable passes KFC has, so players should take this opportunity to access the game without pre-ordering Diablo 4. Fans only have until the 18th to get their codes from buying a Double Down. 

The KFC Double Down

If you are unfamiliar with KFC’s notorious Double Down, it is a burger that replaces buns with two slices of chicken. Between those two are cheese and bacon, so many find this meal very salty. Food critics have described the game as a “deep-fried insanity.” 

The introduction of the Double Down in 2010 was attributed to the heralding of many other food abominations from other fast-food chains. It’s been a while since the outrageous double chicken-bun burger was on the KFC menu, so its comeback was inevitable. With its offer to provide Early Access codes to Diablo 4, more people are inclined to buy madness of a sandwich. 

Food Establishments Getting into Gaming

While food establishments running gaming promotions are uncanny, it is common in the current landscape. KFC is just some of the brands making considerable efforts to invest in this business. The fast-food restaurant has resorted to launching its dedicated gaming social media brand and console. KFC even introduced a dating sim wherein fans can try to strike it out with a “hot” version of Colonel Sanders.

KFC is one of many brands to try heavily investing in gaming. A few months ago, Burger King Japan collaborated with Blizzard for a Diablo 4 promo. This collab spawned a Double Whopper based on an iconic villainess in the game, Lilith. The burger was called “Lilith Spicy Tomato Double Whopper,” which is a double meat with cheese and spicy sauce.

Diablo 4 Early Access

Blizzard is giving players a glimpse of Diablo 4 by letting them try out the game this March. The Early Access will run one or two sessions. The first one will only be available to those who have codes or have pre-purchased the game. The second Open Beta will be open to all, so even those who haven’t bought Diablo 4 can get a chance to play it. Here are the dates for each session:

  • March 17 to March 20 (Early Access Open Beta)
  • March 24 to March 27 (Free to All Open Beta)

Since these dates will only feature Open Beta, players will experience only a limited amount of content from the game. For starters, these versions will only run from Prologue until Act 2. We won’t know how many chapters this game will have until we get an official post from Blizzard or until the actual release.

While the full game will feature many classes, players will only gain access to limited options. Fans will initially only be able to use Barbarian, Rogue, or Sorcerer. Later, we will be able to create Druid and Necromancer characters. It is unknown if these are all the classes we will get or if there are more to come during the official launch. Unfortunately, your progress during the Early Access version will not continue to the complete game.

Get Your Code from a Double Down Before They Run Out

If you want to try Diablo 4 or are still deciding whether to buy it, your best chance is to buy a Double Down and get a free access code. The promo runs until March 18 or until stocks last. Make sure to get one from the site or app as soon as possible because there might be a limited number of Early Access passes available. 

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