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FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event Guide: How to Get All Weapons

FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event
By | April 18th, 2024 | Categories: FFXIV

The FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event is back, so players get another chance to collect all the event-exclusive weapons they didn’t get last time. The collaboration features a unique way of obtaining these rewards, and you get to receive a lot of cool new minions, too. If you want to collect all FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event weapons, this guide will help you get them. 

The FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event 

Square Enix launched this Event in 2015, and it’s returning starting April 24, 2024. Unfortunately, Reaper and Sage won’t be getting weapon-exclusive rewards since they weren’t around yet when the collaboration was first held. However, we are getting a new Framer’s Kit, which some players might want to farm. 

The collaboration concerns farming fated quests and using event-specific minions to farm medals. These tokens can be exchanged with The Wandering Executive NPC in The Golden Saucer. The Event doesn’t have a confirmed end date yet, so players can take their time farming the collab. 

How to Join the FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Event

The Event is open to everyone, so even those on a free trial can participate. However, the collab requires players to be at level 15 and above and have completed the MSQ “The Gridanian/Lominsan/Ul’dahn Envoy” quest; which one you need to finish depends on your home city-state. You also need to have The Gold Saucer unlocked, so the quest “It Could Happen To You” needs to be completed. 

Look for The Poor-Heeled Youth near the Aetheryte Plaze in Ul’dah to start the Event. This interaction will jump-start the event quest, ending up with you in The Gold Saucer interacting with The Wandering Executive. You will get your Yo-Kai Watch and Yo-Kai Medallion after this mission. Afterward, you can start farming minions and medals. 

All FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch Weapons

There are 17 weapons coming from the Yo-Kai Collab Event. We won’t be getting any new ones, which is unfortunate for Reaper and Sage mains. When the Event first launched in 2015, we only had a limited number of items available, which was updated when it returned in 2020. Surprisingly, neither Reaper nor Sage got an update on this return event. Players are understandably disappointed that we are only getting a new Framer’s Kit this time. 

If you are new to the Event, you can get the weapons by farming Legendary Medals corresponding to a specific class. You farm these tokens using a specific Yo-Kai minion while doing Fated Quests. Here are all the event-exclusive pets and their corresponding class weapon reward:

  • Warrior (Paw of the Crimson Cat) = Jibanyan
  • White Mage (Cane of the Shrine Guardian) = Komasan
  • Bard (Bow of the White Wisp) = Whisper
  • Black Mage (Staff of the Snow Maiden) = Blizzaria
  • Ninja (Twintails of the Flame Fox) = Kyubi
  • Scholar (Codex of the Shrine Guardian) = Komajiro
  • Summoner (Book of the Eerie Mutt) = Manjimutt
  • Astrologian (Globe of the Lucky Snake) = Noko
  • Dragoon (Spear of the Spark Serpent) = Venoct
  • Paladin (Whisker /Buckler of the Brave Cat) = Shogunyan
  • Dark Knight (Fang of the Fearless Cat) = Hovernyan
  • Machinist (Musket of the Metal Cat) = Robonyan F-type
  • Monk (Ears of the Moon Rabbit) = USApyon
  • Samurai (Katana of the King’s Counsel) = Zazel
  • Red Mage (Rapier of the Serpent Lord) = Lord Anata
  • Gunbreaker (Gunblade of the Yo-Kai King) = Lord Enma
  • Dancer (Glaives of the Dark Princess) = Damona

Where to Farm Medals

You can only farm event Medals in the A Realm Reborn, Stormblood, and Heavensward areas. However, depending on the weapon class, you can only obtain specific Legendary Medals in certain regions. In addition, you can only earn event tokens from Fated quests if you complete the missions with a Silver or Gold Rating. 

How to Farm All 17 Yo-Kai Watch Minions

To collect all 17 Yo-Kai Watch Minions, you must farm 49 Normal Medals. The first minion you acquire will cost only one token, but any subsequent redeems will require you to exchange three. If you want to farm Normal Medals quickly, we advise players to head towards Outer La Noscea. Two spots in the U’Ghamoro Mines North of the map spawn back-to-back Fated quests. To accumulate event tokens quickly, you should consider going back and forth between these areas.

Tip Before Farming Normal Medals

  • It would help if you had a flying mount. Many new players will need help with the Event simply because some of the POIs you must chase are flying targets.
  • If you plan to farm Fated missions in the U’Ghamoro mines, ensure you are at least level 50. The local mobs are around that level, so you will have trouble exploring and traveling the area if you are lower than this.
  • If you have more people with you, you can finish Fated quickly. We advise doing these quests in a group because you can soon burst down objectives within seconds. We also recommend going to parties or inviting guildmates to the Event.
  • Any Fated quest will reward you with Normal Medals, so even the most basic ones yield the necessary amounts.

What Do You Get For Farming All Yo-Kai Watch Minions

A Whisper-go mount is available as a reward during the Event. However, you don’t need to unlock all 17 Yo-Kai Watch minions to get it. Players only have to obtain 13 out of 17 pets, and they can redeem this Event exclusive reward. 

How to Farm All 17 Yo-Kai Watch Weapons

Aside from choosing the appropriate minions, it would help if you also farmed in specific zones depending on what weapon class you want to unlock. Yo-Kai Watch pets can only get Legendary Medals from certain zones that are dependent on them. When redeeming weapons, only the first one will cost five tokens. All subsequent Legendary Medal exchanges will cost 10. You will need 165 of them, and they are not guaranteed drops.

Legendary Medals have a 25-30% chance of dropping after completing a Fated quest. Getting every item in the Event might take you 1000 Fateds. Once you’ve collected the appropriate minion, you need to farm Fated quests in these locations:

  • Jibanya – Central Shroud, Lower La Noscea, and Central Thanalan
  • Komasan – Outer La Noscea, Western La Noscea, and Eastern Thanalan
  • USApyon – South Shroud, Middle La Noscea, and Western Thanalan
  • Whisper – South Shroud, Upper La Noscea, and Southern Thanalan
  • Shogunyan – Lower La Noscea, Central Thanalan, and East Shroud
  • Hovernyan – Western La Noscea, Eastern Thanalan, and South Shroud
  • Komajiro – Central Thanalan, East Shroud, and Western La Noscea
  • Noko – Southern Thanalan, North Shroud, and Outer La Noscea
  • Venoct – Middle La Noscea, Western Thanalan, and Central Shroud
  • Kyubi – Western Thanalan, Central Shroud, and Lower La Noscea
  • Robonyan – Upper La Noscea, Southern Thanalan, and Central Shroud
  • Blizzaria – North Shroud, Outer La Noscea, and Middle La Noscea
  • Manjimutt – Eastern Thanalan. South Shroud, Upper La Noscea
  • Lord Enma – Any Stormblood Area
  • Lord Ananta – Any Heavensward Area
  • Zazel – Any Heavensward Area
  • Damona – Any Stormblood Area

Tip Before Farming Legendary Medals

  • It would help if you had a flying mount. Many new players will have difficulty within the Event simply because some of the POIs you must chase are flying targets.
  • Focus on one minion per run. It will feel much more efficient if you focus on grinding for one class before you jump on to the next. 

How to Unlock the New Yo-Kai Watch Framer’s Kit

The Framer’s Kit is available in the Golden Saucer, which you can unlock using MGP. While you don’t need to spend any Medals for this one, you must unlock all the 17 Yo-Kai Watch pets to get it. You can purchase it from Nohi at the Gold Saucer. 

How Long Will the Event Last?

Square Enix did not disclose a confirmed end date for the FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch event. However, the collaboration will last until June 26, 2024. This is two days before the launch of the Dawntrail expansion on June 28, 2024. Players have enough time to grind all weapons if they haven’t done so before. We are still hoping Enix will insert new weapons for Sage and Reaper, but it’s unlikely to happen once the Event is underway.

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