Fortnite Returns Old Divisive Items and Introduces New Ones for Chapter 5, Season 1

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When Fortnite released Zero Build Mode, mobility items like the Grappling Hook and the Rift-To-Go have become even more relevant with the removal of its building mechanics. Many players have since compared Fortnite to a movement shooter, putting more emphasis on quickly diving from cover to cover on the map, evading enemy fire with movement items, and getting a drop on them. Many classics, such as the Shockwave Grenade, Shockwave Hammer, and the ODM Gear from the Attack on Titan crossover, have defined the meta in Zero Build Mode with its easy-to-use accessibility and on-demand mobility that change the way firefights work.

Crash Pad Jr.

Previously released on August 24, during Chapter 4, Season 4 was the Crash Pad Jr., which was a more common variant of the Crash Pad item. As a green item, the Crash Pad Jr. can be found on floors and chests, and like its namesake, the Crash Pad Jr. can be thrown to deploy a stationary platform that launches players.

Initially, community reaction towards this item has been negative, as despite the item’s description saying that it negates fall damage, the item was bugged and did not work as intended. With the new season Underground out for some time, Epic Games has surprised players by returning this item to the item pool in BR mode.

Lock-On Pistol

Another item that has gained some controversy for this season is the Lock-On Pistol, which was introduced in Chapter 4, Season 2. This weapon is a semi-automatic weapon with a strong target assist. By holding down the trigger, it can charge up to shoot 4 bullets at the target, with the fourth shot becoming a headshot. It has a medium range of 50 meters, and going beyond that range renders the weapon useless. While the time to fully charge the weapon is slow, the time to kill for this weapon is still good. 

Fans have felt that this weapon has essentially become a legal aimbot and even makes Zero Build mode worse, while other players find the weapon fun as everyone can use this gun. When this weapon is paired with skillful mobility, it can end firefights quickly, but the slow charge speed gives an aware player the chance to fight back.

Grapple Blade

The Grapple Blade is this season’s new mobility option that, like the Grappler, gives free mobility on demand but can now also be used as an offensive option with its mid-air slashes, outclassing every other mobility item in the game. Unlike other tools like the Shockwave Grenade or the Crash Pad, the Grapple Blade automatically regains charges, which makes it the perfect engagement and disengagement tool for any situation.

Ballistic Shield

The Ballistic Shield gives total immunity to all damage at the front while providing the player with a pistol to shoot back enemies. While the shield does have a set durability, it’s still a powerful defensive tool that can make short work of newer players, especially those who haven’t fully mastered Fortnite’s overhauled mobility system. The shield be countered by using explosive weapons or shooting at the gap under the shield.

New Powerful Mechanic in Chapter 5

Chapter 5 has introduced the weapon modding system, where players can add attachments to their weapons to upgrade certain aspects of a gun, like its scopes, magazine size, under barrel attachment and the barrel type. To customize a weapon, players must seek out a vault that contains the weapon bench needed to customize their weapon of choice. Uncommon weapons can only slot in one attachment while Legendary weapons can slot up to four attachments. Unlike other shooter games where attachments increase or decrease certain weapon stats, Fortnite attachments bring no downsides to a weapon. The following attachments can be used on all weapon types:


  • Red Eye Sight: Adds 1.15x magnification
  • Holo-13 Optic: Adds 1.3x magnification
  • P2X Optic: Adds 2x magnification
  • Sniper Optic: Adds 4x magnification


  • Drum Magazine: Increases ammo capacity with a slight reload speed decrease
  • Speed Magazine: Increases reload speed


  • Angled Foregrip: Decreases ADS time
  • Vertical Foregrip: Decreases ADS recoil and spread
  • Laser: Improves hip-fire accuracy


  • Muzzle Brake: Reduces recoil
  • Suppressor: Removes muzzle flash and dampens audio

These attachments are only available to certain weapons in Chapter 5. These are the Enforcer AR, Frenzy Autoshotgun, Hammerpump Shotgun, Hyper SMG, Nemesis AR, Ranger Pistol, Reaper Sniper, Striker AR, and Thunderburst SMG. When playing through BR mode, these weapons will spawn with random attachments.

This new Chapter of Fortnite has certainly changed up the playing field with another new take on their battle royale mode, adding weapon customization, wall climbing, hurdling, and medallions. Yet again, Epic Games has delivered a fresh experience that keeps Fortnite fun and exciting.

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