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League of Legends is no stranger to bugs and glitches, as players have seen their fair share of outrageous exploits being used and abused. While some of these issues are just funny and ludicrous, like visual bugs, some are game-breaking, which could essentially ruin the experience for everyone. One of the most recent exploits with players pulling their hair out involves the King of the River himself, which sees the Tahm Kench traveling at a distance that he should not be able to. 

Global Tahm Kench Teleport Exploit

Many players were baffled when they started seeing Tahm Kench suddenly pop out at the bot side alcove when he was just at the top lane a few seconds ago while his Teleport Summoner Spell was on cooldown. Unfortunately, this feat exploits Tahm’s Abyssal Dive, which should only allow him to travel short distances. The bug sees the skill being used to travel to and from between the four extreme corners of the map. 

The ridiculous exploit shows how Tahm Kench can travel between the two alcoves and areas near each team’s fountain. This insane long-distance travel can be done by using Abyssal Dive at any of the four extreme corners of the map. This bug essentially allows Tahm Kench to return to the lane immediately after recalling or doing unexpected ganks to the other lane via their alcoves. At worst, players can use this exploit to backdoor the enemy base by teleporting near their Nexus. 

The full extent of the bug is restricted to the alcoves and enemy bases, as Tahm Kench cannot TP to jungle camps or the midlane. However, players can Devour one of their teammates and bring them along the outrageous range of the Abyssal Dive. Currently, it is unclear if the bug has been hotfixed. 

It seems the bug came to be after League of Legends’ most recent patch, and it is unclear if Riot is aware of this issue or if there have been attempts to fix the bug. Players should remember that using exploits is condemned by devs and can land you in trouble if you are ever caught abusing one. 

Tahm Kench’s Abyssal Dive

Previously, Tahm Kench’s teleport was designated as his Ultimate, but it was later swapped out with Devour due to the latter’s more efficacy in battle. While Abyssal Dive, an essential ability, shifted his kit around him, eating enemies and teammates, it drastically improved Tahm’s roaming ability since it had a lower cooldown. This rework made TK more suitable as a top-laner due to his maneuverability around the map. 

Since the Abyssal Dive now had a lower cooldown after his minor readjustment, the exploit regarding this ability made him the most powerful champion in terms of roaming capabilities. He can play with his botlaners and return promptly to the top side without suffering consequences for leaving his lane. Avoid matches against a Tahm Kench until the bug has a confirmed hotfix. 

Tahm Kench’s Other Recent Bug

Tahm Kench has been the subject of many bugs since its introduction in 2015. The King of the River was also the subject of another glitch the previous year, which involved his devouring skill. Some players found that using Tahm’s ultimate skill on an ally targeted by Sett’s Ult would cause them to stick to the Boss. It would cause the targeted partner to eventually die because he cannot separate from the enemy Sett. 

This bug will also still carry on even if the Sett is the one who dies first. The ally Tahm spits out will also be carried to the enemy spawn point when the bruiser resurrects. This will cause the teammate to die from being killed by the enemy fountain. Fortunately, this bug was eventually fixed, as there have been no reports of it occurring again since 2022. 

Countless League of Legends Bugs Over the Years

Over the years, tons of glitches have graced the Summoner’s Rift field. Some of them have even appeared on the international stages, like Worlds. Here are some of the most notable and famous exploits to appear over the years:

  • Turret Neeko
  • 100% Cooldown Reduction
  • Poppy Baron Push
  • Unlimited Viego MS 
  • Astronaut Skin Space Trips
  • Azir Unlimited Tower Spawn
  • T-Pose Aphelios
  • Invincible Karthus
  • Draven-Illaoi Exploit
  • Darius TP Kill

Some are hilariously fun to witness, but some are ridiculously overpowered if abused. However, players should be wary as using exploits is a bannable offense. Unless you want to receive a scar on your League of Legends account, it is highly advisable to avoid using any glitches and report them if you discover them.

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