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5 Reasons to Play Albion Online

Albion Online Featured Image
By | June 7th, 2017 | Categories: Albion Online, Others

Albion Online is a brand new sandbox game with cool MMO features. If you’re still on the fence or if you need some inspiration to get back in the game then here are five reasons why you should play it.

#5: Classless System

Doing research on what class to choose and how to spend skill or attribute points won’t get you anywhere in Albion. Why? Well, there are no job classes. Players can choose weapons and armor. If they want to be a heavy armor wearing, shield wielding mage, sure. Without job classes, the playing field feels even.

Albion Online has a feature called the “Destiny Board,” which helps build character. Similar to a skill tree for other RPGs, it shows the paths a character can take. Unlike skill trees from other RPGs, a character can learn whatever they want. Besides, if you prefer learning something else for a change, there’s no penalty. Destiny Board makes it easy to wear a new set of equipment.

#4: Crafting System and Economy

Albion’s economy is dependent on player actions. In fact, players are the ones gathering resources, crafting them into equipment, and transporting materials to other towns for trade. With the bonus that upon death, players lose all their items, it’s essential that you can craft your stuff again or have backup equipment.

The transportation of trade goods is a big risk. You can’t avoid PvP areas while traveling. Every time a caravan is out, security should be on the look out to increase the chance that it comes back safe and sound. If the trade routes become too risky, the clan in charge might end up declaring war with the bandits.

#3: PvP and PvE Zones

There are four different zones in Albion Online.

  • Green: are PvP restricted with easy PvE creatures to fight.
  • Yellow: has limited PvP where equipment loses durability if you get knocked down. PvE creatures are harder to defeat in this zone.
  • Red: is a challenging PvE zone and semi-limited PvP.
  • Black: a free for all with no PvP restrictions! Players can stick to PvP-restricted zones, but growth is quicker in open PvP zones.

Keep in mind that in yellow and red zones, players can flag themselves as either friendly or hostile. If a hostile player attacks a friendly one, the attacker loses reputation and becomes a criminal.

There could also be Guild vs. Guild wars if a guild took over a territory and kept on attacking passing other guild caravans for resources. The trading guild could go to war with that guild and take over their land to keep trade routes safe.

#2: Buy-to-Play with Premium Status

Purchase the game once, and you can play it whenever. Currently, there are no plans for Albion Online to have a subscription plan. On the other hand, there’s a premium status system that boosts EXP and resource gain by 50%. You can buy it through in-game currency (silver) or real money, which buys currency (gold). Since the game is still in its testing phase until its release in July, premium status can change depending on the gamer demand or the developer’s whims.

The question is, “What’s the point of having premium status?” Well, it weeds out most free-to-play MMO problems, including bots, along with douchebags and unpleasant people. Even though there are bad people everywhere, the buy-to-play model filters out most of them, perhaps, leaving most of the in-game population as helpful and nice gamers, in general. The game’s base price is TBA.

#1: The Sandbox Experience

There are no quests in the game, meaning, there’s no over-arching storyline or backstories to tell. Having expeditions scratched off the list leaves players free to imagine their character’s backstory and to roleplay as much as they desire. If they want to be a lone wolf mercenary, wielding a sword and staff, go for it. The player has the power to choose and play at their pace.

As the game’s tagline says, “Everybody matters.” You’ll have an impact on the world regardless of the path that you choose. The game’s trailer depicts a player collecting ore for their guild, which goes to the guild’s blacksmith, who turns it into weapons for the whole guild. When their caravan gets attacked, the guild goes to war and wins. The trailer ended with a stroke of a sword that would never have been crafted if that one single player stopped collecting ore. What path are you choosing?

The Albion Online release date is July 17, 2017. Currently, it’s in closed beta testing. However, that didn’t stop players who bought founder’s packs from giving it an early review. In the meantime, checkout the Albion offers on our portal. See you at PlayerAuctions!

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  1. Bombinou
    Bombinou June 9, 2017 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    Amaziiiing article, I learned so much cool stuff ! I am going to play this game right now. You guys changed my life ! WOOooOOt

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