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Apex Legends Beginners Guide to Get Those Victories

Apex Legends Beginners Guide
By | June 16th, 2019 | Categories: Others

Welcome to the Apex Legends Beginners Guide, where you’ll find the different game mechanics that make this game amazing and unique. Above all, through this game’s life span, we have seen how Apex Legends has evolved and continually being appealing to all their audience. Indeed, with the “Legend” mechanic, the unique weapons, and the ways you can transverse around the map; you can quickly tell that is one of those games that is easy to get used to, but hard to master.

As a result, to give you a head start in becoming the arena’s Champion in no time, we’ll give you all the information you need to increase your winning chances. First of all, we’ll divide this guide into three parts with equal importance, but, if you already have some knowledge of the matter, you can skip ahead. Therefore, in the first part, we’ll discuss how FPS (First Person Shooter) games usually work. Afterward, we’ll go a little deep on how the Battle Royale Genre specific rules, and their core gaming mechanics. Last but not least, we’ll share some knowledge about particular elements that only Apex Legends have in their repertoire and get you on the right track.

What makes FPS games appealing to their audience?

If you’re not that familiar to these types of games, you’ll probably feel little nausea as you look at how the camera moves abruptly with the occasional jumps and spins. First of all, don’t worry, you’ll familiarize with this type of movement within a couple of days. Afterward, you’ll find some uniqueness in how you interact with the environment and what controls you have to move around the map. Most noteworthy, every FPS usually requires a 3D based setting. Therefore, you’ll have arrows or one stick in the controller to move forward/backward and sideways. Consequently, you’re going to need a Mouse or the other controller’s stick to “look around” up and down and right/left.

Depending on the video game, you’ll have difficulties jumping or crossing through the environment. Otherwise, the changeling part of the game will come with different objects to shot at with various weapons at your disposal. Either way, due to the point of view, you’ll feel immersion as you “look” and experience the World as the virtual character does. Therefore, the “Hero” practically is yourself.

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What do I need to win in a Battle Royale game?

These types of games have taken the Internet hostage for a couple of years now, and they don’t seem to let go at all. Most noteworthy, what makes this genre appealing is the core concept of these games, that is the competitive element between tons of players against you. Above all, when this genre surfaced around the World, usually you were surviving alone with other 100+ players around. As a result, the only way to win in these games is to be the last player standing.

One tale from any random match for a Battle Royale Game goes like this: First of all, you jump down to any particular point in an Island, with nothing on your pockets. Therefore, the only thing to do as you touch the ground is to find equipment, weapons, and ammunition as soon as possible. Meanwhile, there’s always the chance to find random players that find your stuff somehow appealing. Furthermore, usually, you’ll discover that they don’t want your leftovers. They want everything that you have, by looting your items from your corpse. As a result, you need to defend yourself and take them down before they do the same to you.

Additionally, the arena itself tends to become more hostile. Hence it will require that all the players move to a “safe area” and at the same time, reducing the map for the players. Therefore, the chances to find another player on the battlefield increases with every second that goes through. Once there’s only one survivor in the arena, a message in your screen will announce you as victorious for the match.

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How is Apex Legends gaming Mechanics unique from the rest?

First of all, due to the theme that this game belongs, you’ll find lots of verticality with tall buildings and mountains. Therefore, to move around the map, you have a “parkour” like movement and ropes that help you move between buildings. As a result, this unique type of maneuvering around the battlefield has the opportunity to make aiming a little more changeling and more skill based. Secondly, one of the core mechanics of the game is the “Legends” themselves. Similarly to another type of video game genre (The RPGs, or Role Playing Games), every character comes with different abilities and uniqueness. Therefore, every time you chose a different Legend, your function in the game is practically different.

Plus, Apex Legends differs a little bit from the rest of the Battle Royale games. Most noteworthy, this time around, you always paired with two players. Therefore, you’re still battling between different squads instead of being all alone. As a result, when you pair the group mechanic with the Legends, you’ll see that different roles in a single group can increase their chance of winning. Indeed, with proper communication with your teammates, every player has the potential of filling an adequate role within the present team.

Furthermore, every weapon in this game “feels” completely different; even though there’s more than one Sniper Rifle, each of them is diverse. Due to different Ammunition requirements, rate of fire, and firing pattern; different outcomes may happen as you pull the trigger. Therefore, it is advisable that you try every firearm that you can find and stick to those that feel more “natural” to you.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you’re familiar with the different mechanics mentioned in this Apex Legends Beginners Guide go ahead and try everything out. Most noteworthy, the first time that you load this game, practice a little bit with the tutorial and when you feel “comfortable,” do not hesitate and queue for a random match. Above all, it doesn’t matter if you win or not, with every game you’ll always learn a thing or two.

Have fun and Good Luck.

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