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Prepare for a New Fight with Apex Legends Modes

Apex Legends Modes
By | February 21st, 2019 | Categories: Others

The gaming community got a big surprise out of nowhere when Apex Legends got its sudden release. Being one of those Battle Royale genre (which is famous now), and entirely free. There was no excuse for anyone to go and try it out for a while. And in a couple of days, it became the number one game with thousands of views on Twitch. It was not a strange thing to witness though, at the moment, this type of genre has gained so much popularity that even old franchises like “Counter-Strike” and “Call of Duty” already made some spin offs. Shortly we’ll probably see more gaming companies joining this “new vibe” and probably keep this type of games a lot more interesting for a couple more years. One strange thing though is that currently, the Apex Legends Modes are very limited, but still, this game can retain their player base wanting for more.

Apex Legends added more gaming mechanics to this genre with the “Legends” thing. This time around, you aren’t able to create a custom character and travel with him/her across the arena. In Apex Legends, you have the option to select different in-game Legends that contain their respective looks, attributes, and abilities. Additionally, these characters represent some famous gaming roles (support, DPS, tactical, and tank), that you and your current playstyle can quickly adapt for better experiences. Like the DPS (Damage per Second) player that always hits the enemy target in critical points and making as much damage as possible. At the same time, these characters come with their respectful skills and “ultimate” that can create better chances of winning in a possible encounter.

What are the current game Modes?

  1. Tutorial Mode
  2. Squad vs. Squad (3v3) Mode

Tutorial Mode

This is probably the most common mode that every game currently has in their repertoire. In this mode, you’ll learn the different buttons or keys that help you maneuver around the arena. After a while, you’ll discover the game’s weapon arsenal and the damages that every single weapon does when you hit the target. Last but not least, you’ll learn about the Legends gaming mechanic and how to use their skills for your advantage.

Squad vs. Squad (3v3)

After dealing with the tutorial, you may be ready to go out a fight. This time around, when you hit “Ready” and log to a server, you’ll be paired with two random players to make a 3-players squad. It’s recommendable that you pick Legends with different roles for better chances of survival. After you select the three Legends, the game map becomes available to all the players in the server and everyone fights until one squad remains standing in the arena.

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Are there any future Modes coming to Apex Legends?

  1. Solo
  2. Duos
  3. Ranked Play
  4. Survival


This is maybe the only mode that began with the Battle Royale genre, you alone against other players in a single match. Now, being present in the standard format of all those games from this genre, in Apex Legends this is probably hard to materialize. Due to the different attributes and roles present in the “Legends” mechanic, some of the characters have more advantages going solo than others. For example, a Support hero has fewer abilities that help in doing damage, making things a little more complicated. But probably in this mode, the Legends may lose their uniqueness and make everything “fairer” to anyone.


Just like the Solo Mode, the duo squads may require a little more balance for it to become enjoyable. The “Respawn Entertainment” developers opted for the three-person team for a reason. That is to obtain a balance between the selected Legends in a group. When you change a little thing (this time one less player in a group), that balance can easily be broken. But again, this isn’t an impossible task to overcome; with little adjustments from here and there and everyone gets to have some fun.


This mode has the sole purpose of dividing the casual players and serious gamers. Every win/lost count for your ranking, making every match more exciting and competitive. Players with “heart problems” or “toxicity haters” may want to skip the ranking system and stick to casual play.


At the moment, no one has a clear idea about this method and what exactly changes in the Apex Legends game. The “Survival” mode became known over the Internet by digging in the game files by some curious gamers. There’s no official statement from the developers, but one thing is certain, this mode is going to be available shortly. Another “odd” thing about this mode is the name “survival,” because you always must “survive” in the arena. Who knows, maybe it’s a PvE (player versus everything) where “waves” of NPCs attack the players without mercy.

Become the Real Champion of Apex Legends

Unlike any other triple “A” game out there, Apex Legends appeared out of nowhere with pretty much less content than the average video game. For Apex Legends Modes, we practically have one with just a few Legends to pick. But still, when the innovate gaming mechanics are present; every gamer dismisses these “flaws” and continues playing the same thing repeatedly. This repetitiveness doesn’t mean that it becomes less fun for everyone. On the contrary, the more you play, the better you get in the game. Plus, if you had the player versus player characteristics of every Battle Royale, there will always be something different in every match.

From now on, we can only hope to see improvements that can captivate our interest a little longer. We may get to see more Legends with innovating skills and different maps with more environments to explore. If you add the possible gaming modes that take full advantage of the Legends mechanics; and the development team will probably get themselves a loyal player base, that is always interested in their work. As players, we only ask that such new features never divide the player base, so everyone gets the chance to try everything that this game may offer in the future.

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