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12 Apex Legends Trophies and Their Strategies

Apex Legends Trophies
By | April 17th, 2019 | Categories: Others

Like any other video game in recent years, some indications to show to your friends that you’re becoming one of the best players in a certain game. As a result, the more you unlock in this particular element, the more respect you’ll get to all the players that practice the same hobby as you do. Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss different strategies to unlock the different Apex Legends Trophies/Achievements currently available for you to properly earn on your account. In contrast to almost all other video games with the same mechanics, all these trophies/achievements can be unlocked while you’re playing the game. In other words, you don’t need to do special tasks or movements to get everything.

Still, though, you can read the different strategies to get everything in record time. Therefore, gather your Doritos and Red Bulls and join us in “completing” Apex Legends as fast as your motivation remains.

What are the trophies and strategies?

1. The Player (Silver Trophy)

Reach player level 50

Strategy: There’s nothing else to do but to play the game as much as you can and gather experience according to your performance. Furthermore, there is no experience “Boost” on the “in-game’ store that can help you in reaching this level a little more faster than usual. Above all, you need to have fun while you keep trying in surviving as long as possible on the battlefield.

2. Decked Out (Bronze Trophy)

Equip a legendary Helmet and Body Armor at the same time

Strategy: This trophy/achievement may look a little bit overwhelming for you. But in fact, is not that complicated for veteran players to earn. Seems like the more you can survive in the arena, the better the chances for you to discover better equipment on the map. Therefore, you need to concentrate on keeping your squad alive as much as possible; and even your enemies may drop that kind of equipment.

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3. Team Player (Bronze Trophy)

Respawn a teammate

Strategy: One of the exciting gaming mechanics in Apex Legends is that you can give another chance to your teammates to join back after they have been down by an enemy’s squad. First of all, you need to grab your friend’s “Tag,” by looting their body (loot box). Afterward, find a “Respawn Beacon” where you can use the tag to bring your friend back to the battlefield. Remember though that he/she respawns with no equipment at all, which means that you need to keep an eye on them for a while.

4. Fully Kitted (Bronze Trophy)

Equip a Fully Kitted weapon

Strategy: To unlock this trophy/achievement, you need to equip all the possible attachments to a single gun. While it may look easy, the catch though is that every modification that you attach needs to be “legendary.” Therefore, one of the easiest ways to earn it is to find the attachments of a Pistol, because it only has two slots to add modifications.

5. Jumpmaster (Bronze Trophy)

Be the Jumpmaster 5 times

Strategy: When you start any random match in Apex Legends, you have the chance to be the “Jumpmaster” of your entire squad; which gives you the power to choose where you want your team to drop and start looting. As a result, you’ll need an approximate of fifteen matches to earn it without you caring too much about it.

6. Well-Rounded (Silver Trophy)

Deal 5,000 damage with eight different Legends

Strategy: First of all, you need to unlock all the Legends currently available in the game before you start hunting down this trophy/achievement. Afterward, when all the roster becomes accessible, spread the love and hit your enemies as much as you can with every character that Apex Legends as to offer.

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7. Kill Leader (Bronze Trophy)

Become the Kill Leader

Strategy: When you become lethal with almost all the weapons in the game, you can quickly kill as many enemies as possible in any random match. Therefore, you need to have patience, and in a particular game, out of nowhere, you may get this trophy/achievement.

8. Apex Offense (Bronze Trophy)

Win a game as an offensive character

Strategy: All you need to do is choosing those Legends that have the “three bullets” logo. Therefore, you need to pick Legends such as Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage, and Octane. While you’re mastering any of these characters, there’s always the chance that somehow you’ll win a match.

9. Apex Defense (Bronze Trophy)

Win a game as a defense character

Strategy: These Legends have the “Shield” logo to differentiate this particular archetype. It seems like at the moment, the only options with these characteristics are Gibraltar and Caustic. Remember that being the “defense” on your team requires that you “absorb” as much damage as possible from the enemy’s squad.

10. Apex Support (Bronze Trophy)

Win a game as a support character

Strategy: To differentiate the Support Legends from the rest, they have the “medical cross” logo near their names. Likewise to the other trophies/achievements, to unlock it, you need to win a match with Pathfinder and Lifeline. Playing as this archetype requires that you always keep an eye of your teammate’s life bars and equipment.

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11. Apex Recon (Bronze Trophy)

Win a game as a recon character

Strategy: Learn how to play with Bloodhound and try to master its abilities. At the moment, this particular character is the only Legend that possesses the “Recon” archetype in the game. Most noteworthy, try to hunt your enemies with it and give some advantages to your squad with the intel.

12 Apex Legend (Gold Trophy)

Win a game with eight different Legends

Strategy: Due to the trophy’s rarity, this one is harder for you to unlock. First of all, gather some trusting friends that are capable of giving high performance in the game. Therefore, with the aid of capable teammates, winning a match with unaccustomed Legends may not feel more like a chore.

Master Your Craft

As you can already tell, the Apex Legends Trophies/Achievements can be easily unlocked as you progress in the game. Above all, remember to have a little patience and give a few tries to everything that this game has to offer. Most noteworthy, remember that your progress keeps getting stored within the gaming servers, which means that you can take as much time as you want to discover everything at your own pace. In other words, have a great time and keep practicing in your free time.

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