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ArcheAge Update 3.5: Erenor Eternal

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By | May 31st, 2017 | Categories: Others

ArcheAge is one of the most popular Korean MMORPGs today! It’s rare that the game has been pressing through since many games in the same genre and country of origin only last for a few years. On the other hand, ArcheAge is taking its content up a notch with the Update 3.5, Erenor Eteral. June 7 is one week away, folks.

New Gear, New Tier

There’s so much to look forward to in ArcheAge’s update. The new Erenor gear and Eternal grade (the name of the patch) is a significant change because both Ayanad and Obsidian gears have been top-tier for quite some time. The timeframe between the raising of gear tier and more powerful equipment has helped ArcheAge by preventing power creeping.

However, having the same kind of gear for a long time can cause the game to stagnate. Thankfully, the Erenor gear and Eternal grade are coming at a perfect time to solve the problem of getting complacent in ArcheAge. At the same time, it looks like the Erenor gear isn’t going to cause a power creep problem since there’s an option to customize.

Whale Above The Usual

Gear isn’t the only thing getting elevated with Update 3.5; the level cap is level 55! Keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a simple upgrade of attribute and damage values, which is a common MMO sickness. The level cap raise, aside from the inflation, introduces the Ancestral Skillset. Instead of adding new skills, the update provides a way for players to beef up their skills in a particular skill tree, giving abilities that players have already learned, but with more power, and better effects.

To put new gear, higher stats, and souped-up skills to the test, players get three new places to explore in this one whale of a patch: (1) Whaleswell Straits, (2) Whalesong Harbor, and (3) Aegis Island. Both Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island have new open world events.

Said events allow players to defend themselves against waves of attackers, including Anthalon’s forces. To survive, you’ll have to bring out everything in your arsenal. Heavy artillery and mines? Yes! Succeed in holding out, and you’ll receive honor points and crafting materials for Erenor gear.

Let’s Talk About the Economy

The update will enhance Archeage’s economics. The land and sea routes that are major pillars of the in-game economy, will change. It will be streamlined, and new trade outposts will be put up across the world.

Aside from trading, there are certain changes in crafting. Less RNG is involved, as sealed items (results of crafted items), which often fall under the wrong or unwanted type upon unsealing known as “cloaked items.” In fact, cloaked items enable players to choose the crafted item’s element upon opening. The lower crafting tiers (Craftsman, Artisan, and Conqueror) are now phased out. If players have any items in these tiers, there are conversion recipes in place so that they can show in the current system.

From the preview alone, it’s already looking like Erenor Eternal is going to be a big game-changer. So now that you’re up to speed with what’s going on in ArcheAge, its’ time to get ready for June 7.

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