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Artifact Card Draw: The Top 10 Cards

Artifact Card Draw
By | November 22nd, 2018 | Categories: Others

With the Artifact Card Draw game right around the corner. It was inevitable to discuss what cards kind of look a little “shiny” or are probably the best bet. One of the features that the development team wanted to implement in this card game was that there was supposed to be no “overpowered card.” Even though it “feels” like that right now to some people. Mostly because these are the first chunk of cards that are considered the basic essence of the game.Which means that most cards tend to alter the statistic numbers, like creature’s stats or tower’s health.Instead of trying to break game rules that at the same time create different gaming mechanics.

But, like any other trading card game, it is inevitable that a few cards stand out from the rest. These cards tend to adapt quickly to the core mechanics and more than often give some advantage in your matches. Taking this into consideration, here are Artifact’s Top 10 Popular Cards that’ll probably cost a bit more in the Steam Market when the game releases.

What are the top cards right now?

  1. Annihilation
  2. Axe
  3. Blink Dagger
  4. Drow Ranger
  5. Legion Commander
  6. Mist of Avernus
  7. Phantom Assassin
  8. Stonehall Cloak
  9. Time of Triumph
  10. Traveler’s Cloak

Besides the adaptability to the game mechanics. These cards tend to be relatively well praised by competitive players. Also, the elements in this list were also picked often in the recent tournaments that showcased the game to everyone. When the cards appeared on the board; it created incredible hype from the casters and generated winning opportunities.

Card 1: Annihilation

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Spell

It happens from time to time, your enemy somehow gains the advantage in the game; filling the entire lane with creeps and heroes that are melting your towers away. But with this card, you don’t have to worry anymore. Cast it and clean everything up from that pesky lane. Resetting a third partof the game and removing any dominance from your opponents.

Card 2: Axe

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Hero

Even though Axe’s card doesn’t have amazing abilities by itself, the stats are incredible. Like stated before, stats tend to make more progress in the state of the game. Besides stats, if you add “Berserker’s Call” and pair it with another Red Hero, and you got yourself a dominating lane.Usually, when your enemies see Axe in the board, they find it better to leave it alone.

Card 3: Blink Dagger

  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Weapon

This is probably the most significant item in Artifact so far. It doesn’t just add +2 attack to your hero but helps you in gaining control on between lanes. With you activate its ability, your hero can move freely through the board. If your opponent leaves Axe alone, take advantage and destroy the tower. After this, proceed to displace it by “blinking” to another part of the board.

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Card 4: Drow Ranger

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Hero

With the passive that this hero offers to the game, you can boost every other ally across the board with +1 attack. This ability can be deadly to the enemy heroes and especially towers. Just remember to give her defensive items to keep her alive as much as possible.

Card 5: Legion Commander

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Hero

It’s probably the hero that every red deck needs to possess in their repertoire. Although it doesn’t have the same amazing stats like Axe, by itself, it can return some of the damage that has taken. Pair this with the duel spell, and you got can quickly deal with troublesome heroes.

Card 6: Mist of Avernus

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Improvement

This card can help you keep the control in one lane. If your creeps/heroes can survive for a long time, they’ll be able to obtain +1 attack each turn. After you activate this improvement, you place your opponent against the clock.

Card 7: Phantom Assassin

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Hero

The ability that this hero possess makes it a must-have for any black decks. Naturally, it can be a powerful counter to any annoying enemy’s hero. Add the spell, and the opponent’s arsenal can instantly leave the board, and find themselves running to other lanes.

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Card 8: Stonehall Cloak

  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Accessory

Try to equip this to all your most valued heroes on the board. With this, they become harder to kill which enables you to keep their dominance in the lane. With its +4 health (or even the +2), your heroes have at least another turn to survive.

Card 9: Time of Triumph

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Spell

Having this ready in the lane game can easily give you a free win. By activating this spell in every lane of the board, your heroes will practically be invincible. Besides adding the +4 to their attack, armor, and health. This spell also gives the ability to do even more damage by giving +4 on cleave, retaliate, and siege.

Card 10: Traveler’s Cloak

  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Accessory

Yeah, I know; this card is easy to acquire due to its “common” rarity. But still, due to the low gold cost and the support that gives to your heroes, this is always a must-have. Equipping this to three of your heroes and they can sustain more damage from different sources.

Knowledge is Power

After reviewing these Artifact’s Top 10 Popular Cards, you’ll probably have a little more understanding of the direction this game is taking. From here on, the Artifact Card Draw game can only improve for the better. Perhaps after a couple of expansion added to the game, we may be able to see powerful card combos and have game-changing mechanics. Whatever the case may be, at the moment try to add at least four copies of every single card (besides the heroes) that appears in this list. With the advantages that they give you, you’ll be able to have more control in your game and increase that winning percentage.

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