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The Artifact Card List from Steam

Artifact Card List
By | January 22nd, 2019 | Categories: Others

Since the release of the game in 2018, the Artifact Card List became one of its kind with its innovating gaming mechanics. Inspired by the MOBA structure of the Dota 2 game, Artifact arranged its catalog of cards peculiarly. This time isn’t just creatures and spells; there are items, tower improvements and the three-lane elements thrown in the mix. Being the first expansion of the game, it aims to reduce complications by highlighting the primary stats of the cards. With this, I mean that the attack, defense, and health (those three little numbers in the bottom) have more impact in the game. Which implicates that you may drop a pair of creatures in the lanes. Focus in feeding those fortunate things to destroy the enemy’s tower quickly.

Through Artifact’s life spam, the player base became the judge of the quality of some cards in the game. Like any other trading card game, the rarity of the card doesn’t always mean that it is going to be expensive. Some cards that even though are “rare,” it doesn’t intend that it has a meaningful impact on the board. Taking this into consideration, the value on the market from one specific card may vary according to its relevance. Besides that, the Steam Market tends to change depending on the demand and supply of a singular item. Plus, we already had one patch with “nerfs” to create more balance in the game, which created an impact on the market.

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What does Artifact have to offer?

The first set that we got with the release of Artifact, made its focus on the core mechanics. In this installment the cards are arranged as follows:

Rare Cards77
Uncommon Cards78
Common Cards82

*Basic cards contain all those predetermined elements that everyone has when you purchase the game.

Besides those sub-groups, the cards have more characteristics like type and color. In this article, we’ll focus on the rare cards that Artifact has to offer.

Card NameMana CostTypeColor
Centaur Warrunner0HeroRed
Storm Spirit0HeroBlack
Drow Ranger0HeroGreen
Escape Route1ImprovementBlack
Heroic Resolve2SpellRed
Rising Anger2SpellRed
Fractured Timeline2ImprovementBlue
Whispers of Madness2SpellBlue
Bitter Enemies2ImprovementBlack
Grand Melee3ImprovementRed
Mercenary Exiles3CreepRed
Path of the Bold3ImprovementRed
At any Cost3SpellBlue
Path of the Wise3ImprovementBlue
Wrath of Gold3SpellBlue
Assured Destruction3ImprovementBlack
Path of the Cunning3ImprovementBlack
Revtel Investments3ImprovementBlack
The Oath3ImprovementBlack
Path of the Dreamer3ImprovementGreen
Unearthed Secrets3ImprovementGreen
Tresdin’s Standards4SpellRed
Fog of War4SpellBlue
Coordinated Assault4SpellBlack
Pit Fighter of Quoidge4CreepBlack
Ravenous Mass4CreepBlack
Caught Unprepared4SpellGreen
Cheating Death4ImprovementGreen
Rampaging Hellbear4CreepGreen
Soul of Spring4SpellGreen
Ogre Corpse Tosser5CreepRed
Corrosive Mist5SpellGreen
Revtel Convoy5CreepGreen
Keenfolk Golem6CreepRed
Marrowfell Brawler6CreepRed
Glyph of Confusion6ImprovementBlue
Remote Detonation6SpellBlue
Curse of Atrophy6SpellGreen
Spring the Trap7SpellRed
Assassin’s Shadow7CreepBlack
Steam Cannon7ImprovementBlack
The Cover of Night7SpellBlack
Champion of the Ancient7CreepGreen
Divine Purpose7SpellGreen
Time of Triumph8SpellRed
Emissary of the Quorum8CreepGreen
Incarnation of Selemene9CreepBlue
Thunderhide Alpha9CreepGreen
Bolt of Damocles10SpellBlue
Item Name


Ristul Emblem4
Bracers of Sacrifice8
Poaching Knife8
Shield of Aquila10
Cloak of Endless Carnage13
Seraphim Shield13
Shiva’s Guard16
Vesture of the Tyrant19
Wingfall Hammer19
Shop Deed22
Apotheosis Blade25
Horn of the Alpha25
Nyctasha’s Guard25

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Do we need the Steam Market?

The video game platform called “Steam” isn’t just a virtual store. Although it is the main function, there are other components in the middle. One of such elements is the Steam Market. This part of the platform focused on exchanging between virtual goods and your “steam wallet.” It requires some steps to configure, but once you have it all sorted, there’s nothing else to keep you from getting more cards in your collection.

At the time of this article’s release, all the rare cards from Artifact are obtainable for ~$80 (With ~$100 you can have them all). This price may vary between months, depending on the demand. Just like the “stock market” you can never be certain when will the values change. Although some tips can give you some advantages in the market:

  • Be patient: Some virtual goods tend to devaluate after some “hypes” are gone.
  • Always keep a lookout for “steam sales”: When some of the gaming offers are in place, people tend to sell their virtual goods to buy other video games.
  • Learn to read the “Median Sale Prices” graphs: With this graph, you have a better understating about the popularity of one item, always try to aim for the lowest price possible.
  • Always be aware of Artifact’s updates: When the rare hero card “Axe” got a nerf, its price went down quickly. Events such as this one can create some impacts on the market.

Taking it to the Next Level

The Esports part of Artifact is beginning to be relevant at this point. If you feel like you can make it for the “pro” scene, there is no better time than now. The entire Artifact’s Card List is just a few clicks away. Having that kind of “power” in your collection would improve your constructed experience in the game. Plus, you’ll be able to use your imagination and create undiscovered decks for those perfect runs.

Remember that you only need cards in your collection if you’re focusing just on constructed matches. If the “draft mode” is your thing, then you don’t need to worry about the number of cards in your repertoire. With just $20 (to purchase the game) you can play all the draft matches you want casually; still, though, it doesn’t hurt if you have the entire collection in your hands and practice with bots to master all the card mechanics and have a precise knowledge of those particular cards.

Whatever the case may be, remember always to have fun in your game. Keep crumbling those towers/ancients and aim for the highest rank possible.

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