list Best AFK Arena Tier Beast List

Best AFK Arena Tier Beast List

AFK Arena Beast Tier List
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AFK Arena added Beasts last year, and they have become an integral part of any composition. These battle pets offer tons of utility skills and buffs for heroes in the team. While the current roster is limited, it’s still difficult to determine which companions work well with most compositions. This guide will show players which among the 14 Beasts they should consider. 

Best AFK Arena Beasts

S Tier

These Beasts are currently the top-performing pets and can synergize with most compositions. 

Winged Lion – The Winged Lion is the best utility pet in the game right because it buffs your whole team while also generating extra energy. It also provides more perks to your unit with the highest attack. If you max out this pet, it adds piercing damage. Having a Winged Lion has the most significant impact on all the beasts.

Flutterplume Owl – This Owl performs well even with just one copy. It focuses on extending the durations of available buffs, which synergizes well with characters and pets that provide bonuses. This Beast is good for the early game and scales well into the latter stages as you gain more copies. 

Savage Souffle – For PvP-focused content, the Savage Souffle offers some of the best utilities. Aside from providing energy and crowd control, the pet also cleanses the debuff inflicted on your team, significantly increasing your survivability. However, you must level this up to 18 to maximize its kit. 

Talismane – Talismane is another great early-game pet that scales well into later stages. He is a good counter for heroes with GB or Hypo since he has reasonable crowd control and blinding effects. He also synergizes well with compositions containing Agility units, which most players have. 

Slumber Seal – Slumber Seal is a one-of-a-kind beast because it focuses mainly on nuking enemies with damage by buffing your team. It gives buffs to your attack every time you survive crowd control effects as long as you can ULT multiple times. It’s one of the more offense-oriented Beasts you want in your team. 

Fox Fatale – This fox companion shines in both PvP and PvE content. Her kit allows her to disable and weaken enemy units by charming and blinding them. She offers excellent crowd control and debuff to ensure your team survives most encounters. 

Shroom Spooder – A couple of patch updates later, the Spider beast has become one of the top-performing pets in the game. It provides various utilities, from stuns to increased damage dealt and damage mitigation buffs. It is also one of the few Beasts that will continuously scale if you can invest. However, it still performs well even if you don’t spend too much on it. 

Ice Crown – While this icy companion is one of the newer Beasts in the game, it’s already performing well enough to compete in the S-tier. Aside from reliable crowd controls, it has extreme durability and suitable counter mechanisms, which makes it one of the best defensive pets in the game. 

A Tier

Blade Ridge – This offense-oriented Beast is one of the best companions to field early on. It showcases a simple but effective kit and can augment your offensive power in the early stages. However, it tends to fall off later on as you get more pets that have more utility compared to it. 

Phantasmoth – Phantasmoth provides decent buffs, especially in the early-game stages. But you will need to invest a lot of resources to make it compete with other S-tier pets, which is why it is ranked lower. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend too much material on it to benefit from its kit at an optimal level. 

Rock Crown Lizard – This lizard balances offense and defense due to its shield generation and crowd control. The catch is that you must invest resources to benefit fully from its kit. Its skills are not game changers; they are reliable and efficient enough to include this Beast in this tier. 

Fire Breather – Fire Breather brings one of the better offensive buffs while also providing a bit of sustainability. It gives out considerable damage buffs but will require you to include melee heroes to benefit from its kit fully. 

B Tier

Bellbellow – This Beast focuses mainly on healing and supporting your team, which is excellent in many senses. However, it doesn’t scale well as you go to higher levels and will only work in certain situations. Bellbellow is good to have early on but should be replaced when you get better Beasts. 

Polar Beast – Polar Beasts excel in AoE attacks and is decent during early stages. It can also inflict reduced haste and defense against enemies. The main issue with him is his unreliable scaling because he falls off as more Beasts get added to the roster.

Feline Vesperio – This cat pet should be ranked higher if not restricted to its unique conditions. Feline Vesperia only works if you are running a team that can drain and control energy from enemies, so unless you have units with those skills, you wouldn’t need this Beast. 

These are all the notable pets you should consider when choosing a companion to the field in your team. While other beasts are available in the game, they provide meager buffs and utilities that are not worth mentioning or discussing.

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