list Best Dragon's Dogma 2 Discipline Points Farm Guide

Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Discipline Points Farm Guide

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Leveling up vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be tedious, especially during the game’s earlier stages. Aside from level, players must farm Disciple Points to unlock powerful attacks from their chosen specialization. However, leveling up your vocation requires a hefty amount of DCP, so you might spend much time farming it. If you are still trying to get your specialization beyond level 3, this guide will help you progress quickly with your chosen vocation.

What Are Discipline Points?

Discipline Points is a particular type of EXP meter that focuses primarily on your vocation. You mainly use DCP to unlock vocation skills directly tied to your current class. Discipline Points differ from character EXP in that the former acts more like a personal currency since you need to expend them to benefit from the resource. 

Generally, you only need to farm enough DCP to max out your vocations until rank 10, which will require 27700 Disciple Points. If you are trying to master all specializations, you will have to farm more significantly. Fortunately, grinding DCP goes hand in hand with earning EXP, so as your vocation strengthens, so does your character. 

What Do You Need to Remember When Farming DD2 DCP

Before going into the wilderness to farm Disciple Points, remember several things so you won’t waste time grinding specific spots or monsters. These strategies can also vary in efficiency depending on what level or stage of the game you are currently at. However, these tips can be applied throughout your journey and can be significantly helpful if you are trying to master all vocations. Here is everything you need to remember when farming Dragon’s Dogma 2 Disciple Points:

The Smaller, The Better

While your farming EXP and DCP do come hand in hand, you will have to focus on one of them since their grinding methods are quite the opposite. When you want to level up your character, you want to be farming and sleeping, spawning bigger and larger enemies. However, to grind DCP, you want to farm the regular and more petite mobs. The lower the EXP gain, the more Disciple Points you get. If you focus on progressing your vocation, fight the little guys. 

Go To Roads Less Travelled By

Since we have established that you generally want to farm more miniature regular monsters, we now have established where to farm them. Side roads far from the main highways or routes typically spawn more monsters. This means you want to stay on paths that progress the current storyline. While this might halt your campaign progression, it will help in the long run since you will power up your character. 

You can farm many roads, especially those that lead to smaller settlements. You want to travel back and forth between capital cities and small hamlets to farm all the monsters along the way. Try going for areas with a high likelihood of spawning goblins since they are the fastest to kill during the early levels. 

Always Farm at Night

If you plan to farm smaller monsters for DCP, do it at night. Regular mobs spawn in more quantities and will attack you during this time of the day. Going through more minor roads or paths out of the main highways at night will also increase the chances of hostile encounters. 

The best way to do this strategy is to rest in a settlement or camp until nightfall. You don’t get penalized for idling too much or not doing the campaign immediately unless you are doing timed quests—rest during the day and then farm during the night. 

Do Small Quests or Encounters Along the Way

Now and then, you might encounter random NPCs that require your help. These tasks require you to defend them from attacking monsters or escort them to the nearest settlements. Side Quests can reward you DCP, so these chance encounters are worth doing, especially since escort destinations are your endpoint. 

Farm DCP with Only your Main Pawn

If you want to maximize your gains in DCP and EXP, grind with only one pawn. Your companion receives shares from enemies you slay, so to maximize your earnings, you must minimize the number of assists on the field. While the boosts aren’t significant, they increased DCP and EXP gains, which are noticeable when you only have your central pawn active. 

One trick you can do here is to try inviting your friend’s pawns. Your friends who have progressed far into the game will undoubtedly have more powerful companions. You can try summoning these pawns via Riftstones and use them to carry you while you farm. 

Get the Ring of Endeavor

One ring exists in the game that can boost the number of discipline points you have gained. However, I wouldn’t recommend actively looking for it during the game’s early stages because getting it is not easy. The Ring of Endeavor slightly boosts DCP earned after slaying monsters. The catch is that you need 220 Seeker’s Tokens to unlock it. 

Seeker’s Tokens aren’t easy to come by, so if you aren’t actively looking for them, it will take time to get enough currency to unlock the Ring of Endeavor. By the time you get this item, you have probably already maxed out your current specialization. Ideally, you only want this accessory when you are already in the late game stages and mastering other vocations. 

Best Early Stages Farming Routes

The strategies mentioned above can be applied anywhere in the world. However, if you are looking for specific routes, certain paths can help you progress in your vocation, especially during the early stages. Here are some of the best farming routes in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for DCP:

Vernworth to Harve Side Road

In this route, you have to exit Vernworth via the Western gate. You follow the non-main road along the coastline to Harve Village. You will encounter many enemies en route, including several NPC encounters. You will gain a lot of EXP and DCP by going this route during the game’s early stages. If you walk through this path at night, then you make the farm much more efficient. 

There is another side road you can pass through, but you will have to start from the central road northwest of Vernworth. Once you reach the areas near the mines, you can path southwards to Melve while mining ores. This route also increases your chances of finding goblins, the easiest mobs to kill. Landmarks close to this path would be the Riftstone of Robustness and the Forgotten Riftstone Southwest. 

Borderwatch Outpost or Melve to Sacred Arbor

This route can be found at Northern Vermund. Whether you start in the Outpost or Melve, pathing towards the Sacred Arbor in any path will feature a lot of monsters to grind. The area between Sacred Arbor and these two settlements has no main or major roads, so you will most likely be more likely to meet hostile encounters. 

You want to do it at night on both routes. While applying the discussed strategies, these paths can make your Discipline Points farm more efficient.

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