Best Fallout 4 Mods on PS4

Best Fallout Mods
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Console versions of games never see mods. First, it’s a security risk. Second, the consoles do not let users in the game’s files and directory tree. The latter is necessary for users to be able to insert the mod for use. Fortunately, some console games allow mod installation, and one of those is Fallout 4. Here are the steps in installing a mod for the game and the best Fallout 4 mods you can download.

How to Install Mods for Fallout 4’s PS4 Version

The game’s main menu has the ‘MODS’ button, which you can use to access the mod management window. Make sure you’re connected to the internet to pick and download these add-ons.

Log into your Bethesda account, or create one if you haven’t. With the credentials, you can access the mod menu and choose from the hundreds of mods available in the console. There are filters so you can narrow down the ones you want to find.

Once you’ve chosen your mods, you can start downloading them. There is a size cap, though. You can only download up to 2GB of mods, so choose wisely! Okay, it’s more of a load cap since you can set a load order and deactivate running mods. That way, you can manage the 2GB of added content you use. You can add your favorites to a library to find them easily.

Running a new set of mods will create a new save that prevents the older ones from being corrupted. Not all add-ons have been tested, so bugs and crashes should be expected. The creation of a new save protects your progress from being lost.

The Best Fallout 4 Mods on the PS4

Outfield Retreat

This mod adds a player-owned home right in Diamond City. You’ll find it across Abbot’s house. It contains the following:

  • A cloud workbench, letting you access all the materials from all your settlements
  • A bed that provides the Well Rested perk
  • Plenty of storage options
  • A source of clean water

Having a permanent base is a boon to any survivalist. It’s somewhere they can store their items without fear and worry that they’ll get lost or stolen. Also, it’s a source of supplies. The house is tiny, so you won’t be able to display your collection of Power Armors. Still, a valuable addition to your game, especially if building settlements isn’t your preference.

No Build Limit

On the other extreme of settlement building, this mod lets you bypass the furniture limit on settlements. With this mod, you can decorate and put all the items you want in your player-built colony. Don’t let the cap keep you from making the best and wildest community possible.

Of course, the developers put that limit for a reason, so don’t go overboard with your decorating. You’ll run into performance issues at a certain point, so keep to those limits once you discover how far your PS4 can take it.

Unlimited Resources Shipment

This mod gives you unlimited materials for building your settlement. That’s it, plainly and simply. You can pair this with the above mod to have your dream colony without managing your materials. Nor will you have to scour the whole wasteland for scrap and other resources.

Legendary Modification

Sometimes, you want a legendary mod on a different weapon. However, the game keeps you from modifying unique weapons and transferring their abilities onto another. With Legendary Modification, you can move the mods onto a different weapon or armor.

It will give you a more comprehensive selection of possible weapon and armor combinations. That will make exploring the wasteland a more enjoyable activity than using boring old guns and armor.

Zombie Walkers

Ghouls in any Fallout game are terrifying enemies. They’re fast, feral, and sometimes glowy. When you’re inattentive to the surroundings, you won’t notice them sneaking up on you. Still, some well-placed shots can down them, and they’re not getting back up.

Zombie Walkers turns these Ghouls into walkers from The Walking Dead. They won’t be able to sprint or dodge, and their walking speed will be reduced. They will deal double the damage for every swipe and stagger you on hit to balance these weaknesses.

They retain the weakness of headshots, so save ammo and try to keep hitting their noggins. Despite the slow walk, you’ll still want to avoid being surrounded by them. That will make it hard to escape.

Quick Hack and Pick

You’re treated to a small minigame every time you try lockpicking and hacking. Some players like this. Others don’t. This is the mod for you if you’re part of the latter. It will skip the minigame for all opportunities to pick a lock or hack a terminal. Your skill level still influences which ones you can open, but at least you can save some time.

Companion Infinite Ammo

Ammo management is already a pain when on your own, so why do you have to manage your companion’s as well? With this mod, you don’t have to! As long as they have one piece of ammunition they use in their inventory, they can keep shooting for days.

This also lets you make space in your companion’s inventory for all the junk you can’t hold on your own. Sure, they can easily surpass their inventory limit by forcing them to pick up your items, but more space is always good.

Play Fallout 4 on PS4 in New and Interesting Ways

Modding has always been a big part of any gaming community that allows it. It’s good that Bethesda is taking steps so PS players don’t get left out of the loop. These add-ons enrich gameplay and push limits. Although you shouldn’t make consoles go past their boundaries too much, they’re a bit more sensitive than PCs.

Anyway, at least now some actions are taken so console players can enjoy mods as well. PCs are expensive compared to consoles, so the latter is more accessible, and more players have them than the former. It’s always been a sore point that they can’t enjoy add-ons and mods. This is a step toward console modding, and may it progress further.

Enjoy Fallout 4!

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