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Blade and Soul has been out for about a week now and people are raving about how amazing/awful it really is. Reception is a bit mixed at the moment, but one cannot deny how good the game looks and how fluid everything is in the game.

First off – the combat; the combat is a stylized, wuxia-inspired fighting system that relies heavily on skill-shots and proper timing. The combo system in Blade and Soul’s combat is a daring mix of Guild Wars 2 combat and the free-form style similar to TERA. Linking one skill to another feels very organic as if great thought and study of real martial arts were put into the combat, deftly managing a realistic portrayal of action. While I may have described it as similar to TERA’s combo system, Blade and Soul feels far less clunky than that and far smoother than most other action-based MMOs perhaps even rivaling what little we know of Black Desert.

There is less wiggle room when fighting monsters or players in Blade and Soul because one really has to take into consideration the kind of skills that will hit, and the ones that can be avoided. This then gives a sense of speedy dynamics wherein one encounter will almost always turn out different to another.

With 4 races and 7 classes to choose from, each created character will deliver a unique and fluid combat system with their own style of fighting. One may choose the bulky Destroyer or one may prefer the light steps of the fanciful Blade Dancer – it doesn’t matter. There is going to be a class fit for everyone in Blade and Soul and it will catch the fancy of even the most pessimistic of players.

It’s worth mentioning that while PvP in Blade and Soul is amazing, it is also completely optional. At any point, players can choose to turn PvP on and off so that they can either enjoy the PvE content in relative peace or duke it out continuously with like-minded competitive individuals they may encounter during their travels.

Beautiful Blade and Soul – Buy BNS Gold

Second, the graphics are simply gorgeous! Taking a look at the character creation screen alone is enough to show players the sort of eye-candy that they’re in for. While the options for character creation may be a bit too plain when compared to its other contemporaneous action MMOs, Blade and Souls character creation is able to stomp out even AAA titles like SWTOR or FFXIV.

It even has a pretty good storyline going to keep players hooked in its quest system. It might not be as amazing as SWTOR or The Secret World, but it’s damn well good enough for a game designated initially as purely F2P.

Admittedly, Blade and Soul does have itsfaults, especially in the PvE department. The combat and action are top-notch – don’t get me wrong– but it is lacking when it comes to actual substance in questing. As we all know, leveling is an important part of an MMOs success because it determines if a game has enough power to draw players in and to keep them playing. Leveling in Blade and Soul seems like its core was a standard for the industry more than 5 years, nay, a decade ago. You jump from one quest hub to another, progressing in a linear manner, traversing one area to another, each with a designated level range. The quests themselves aren’t all that impressive either, ranging from the generic kill quest to the redundantly boring fetch quest.

So what’s my complaint?

Speaking of questing, perhaps my only actual complaint on the game is that it can be very hard to farm for Blade and Soul gold. There are already a ton of players with a ton of Blade and Soul gold, but I imagine those folks to be veterans from the servers in other regions. Maybe they buy their Blade and Soul gold? I’m not entirely sure. But I’m sure, as we all move further into end game, Blade and Soul currency will be far easier to farm due to the years-worth of content Korea already has that will be readily prepared for the NA and EU servers.

Fortunately, dungeons are as fun as expected. There may be no trinity in Blade and Soul, but the sheer action-oriented combat makes up for the lack of mechanics with the zipping and zapping from point to point while you play a gorgeous whack-a-mole with bosses.

Close to Perfect – Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s damned close. With a meaty combat system, a modestly entertaining story, and a gorgeous world to boot, Blade and Soul is worth all your time and all the Blade and Soul gold you could farm as you make your way to the top.

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