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Century: Age of Ashes Review

It is a good day to fly! Playwing LTD brings players its newest game Century: Age of Ashes. The high-flying free-to-play game allows gamers to hop on the back of large dragons and take them into battle. Let the dragons shoot down opponents by breathing fire on them, shooting them with icicles, damaging them with toxic and poisonous gas, or blasting them with bolts of lightning.

With new games coming out at such a frequency, it’s hard to make games that truly stand out. At the same time, it is also difficult to create a hit game that can maintain its initial players from the launch. Century: Age of Ashes seems to have the potential to be a game that can attract, as well as retain, many players. With its well-designed gameplay, combat features and absolutely gorgeous graphics, Age of Ashes sets itself up as one of the rising stars of the genre.

A New Dragon-riding Experience

Century: Age of Ashes lets players compete in multiple modes and enjoy the fast-paced high-flying mechanics of dragon-riding. These modes range from free flight mode to deathmatch. Here is the list of all co-op games currently available in the game:

  • Carnage – This game mode is the Age of Ashes’ version of the standard deathmatch mode. Any fighting game is never complete if it lacks that all-out free-for-all brawl to stack the highest body count. In this game mode, two teams are trying to kill each other against each other. The team with the highest kills wins. Power-ups are available in this game mode to allow players to heat up the game.
  • Gates of Fire – This is the game’s version of a typical capture the flag mode. After all, who wouldn’t want to test out their flying skills by evading pursuers while carrying the flag? The mechanic of this game mode is simple. Each team will have to obtain the flag and carry it all the way to their respective gates to score. The team that acquires the most points by the end of the game wins.
  • Spoils of War – This game mode is similar to a piñata party. For this mode, teams will have to follow and attack flying golden dragons. The players’ objective is to steal the gold carried by these golden dragons and carry it to their coffers. The team that has amassed the most gold wins the match. Power-ups and high-priority targets appear in this game mode.
  • Free Flight – The last game mode is not an actual game mode. Free flight allows players to test out their flying skills and try out new dragons without any obstacles or other players attacking them.

These game modes allow players to experience the fullness of the game. Having multiple game modes in fighting games allows variety and reduces the feeling of being repetitive, which Age of Ashes does a good job on.

Dragon Rider Classes

As a PVP game, there are of course various types of characters or classes for players to use. Each class will have its own function and will have its own way of contributing to its team. Here is the list of classes with brief explanations of what they are:

Svard Marauder – This class dishes out the most damage out of the three classes. This class rides the Bloodchaser Dragon. The abilities of this class are intended to make the most damage output against opponents to eliminate them. The class is designed as the hunter type in the high-flying game. Here are the skills of this class:

Main Ability:

Hunter’s Mark – throw a target-seeking fireball. Opponents who get hit by the fireball are tracked and received increased damage from the tracker.

Alternate Abilities:

Gust – Destroy fireball projectiles aimed at the character and makes the character unlockable.

Frost Bolts – fires three ice projectiles at enemies that cause high damage and reduce the ability of enemies without shields to maneuver.

Naerdor Phantom – This class rides the Nightsnagger dragon. This character functions similar to rogue classes as it tends to have stealthy and assassin-type type gameplay. This class relies on hit and run tactics and the usage of traps. Here are the skills:

Main Ability:

Mystic Shroud – cloaks the character for a short duration. Attacking will cancel the effects of the shroud.

Alternate Abilities:

Mine – plant bombs on walls that explode when triggered by opponents.

Blast – detonates a small shockwave that pushes away enemies.

Skeldian Windguard – This class plays as the support type for its team. It rides the Ironwing Dragon. Its abilities focus more on disorienting enemies and assisting allies. Here are its skills:

Main Ability:

Salvation Surge – Dashes towards allies and provides a temporary shield. It also reduces the cooldown of fireballs and provides healing.

Alternate Abilities:

Smoke Trail – releases a trail of blinding smoke that poisons enemies and deals damage.

Blast – detonates a small shockwave that pushes away enemies.

Whichever players fancy, Century: Age of Ashes provides enough variety for players with different playstyles to enjoy.

Hatch Your Own Dragon

Age of Ashes also allows players to hatch eggs. For a dragon egg to hatch, players will have to meet certain requirements by completing tasks while the egg is equipped. Dragons hatched from the eggs do not provide any new power-ups or skills as they are purely for cosmetic purposes.

A Game with a Huge Potential

Overall, Century: Age of Ashes provides gamers something they have wanted for more than a decade, fighting each other atop flying giant lizards. There are still some kinks and bugs to work out since the game is entirely new. The interface can be quite confusing, especially when you are stuck in the midst of all the battles. The game might be a little too fast-paced for beginners to keep track of their surroundings. However, with gorgeous graphics, unique concept, variety in playstyle mechanics, and easy-to-understand premise, the dragon fighting game is bound to be a great success.

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