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If you owned a smartphone anytime in the last five years, chances are you’ve played Clash of Clans. The wildly popular mobile application has been topping the download charts every year since its release in 2012. Six years for a mobile application can seem like a very long time, and this can be discouraging for many of us who are just getting into the game. The good news is there are new players just like you joining all the time, and Player Auctions is bringing you all the Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks you need to get in the game.

You’re Going to Be Attacked: Protect Your Towers and Resources, NOT Your Townhall

As you progress in Clash of Clans, you will notice that more and more frequently you will be attacked by enemy players attempting to loot your resources and defeat your base. A common mistake new player’s make is trying too hard to defend their townhalls, because that’s how you win battles, right? The thing about this is that you are bound to lose battles as you continue to upgrade your townhall. It’s inevitable! In fact, losing can have a strategic advantage, as you’ll get a shield which prevents other players from attacking you. What you want to focus on instead is minimizing the damage by protecting your gold and elixir (and eventually your clan castle.) Surround your resources and defensive towers with your wall, while keeping your town hall outside of the wall, so if you lose you keep your gold and elixir and get a shield to protect you further.

Save Your Gems for Builders

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play game, but as anyone who has spent more than a few days of time on the game knows, it heavily favors and encourages in-app gem purchases. One major factor here is the Builder Huts, which allow you to gain an extra builder to workinn your village. You begin the game with 2 builders, the 3rd costs 500 gems, and each builder after that doubles in price. If you want all 5 builders, you’ll be shelling out a total of 2000 gems, which aren’t easy to aquire. If you plan on bootstrapping it and playing the game for free, you really need to save every gem you get for your builders. This will take a significant amount of patience, as you need to complete tasks and achievements over the course of time, but it can be done. If you’d rather just hand over some money for gems, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we encourage you to spend those gems on Builders first, as they’re certainly your best investment.

Attacking: Take it Slow

One thing you may be tempted to do is to attack attackattack enemy players when you first start the game. There are a few reasons you might consider taking it slow for a little while (and by a little while, we mean about Town Hall 5 or 6.) First of all, if you get too high in the trophies, which is easy to do when you’re playing around in low levels, you’ll find yourself in a tier with far stronger opponents who will rob you of all your resources. This will significantly impede your progress and can be frustrating. The other thing to consider is that your resources, especially at low levels, are usually best spent on your defenses. You can waste a lot of gold and elixir upgrading all your systems just to fight opponents you can’t defeat because you’re in a tier that’s too high for your town hall level. Focus on upgrading your buildings, saving your resources, and leveling your town hall as fast as you can, while keeping your trophy level low. At the very least, wait for the 3 day shield to wear off while you’re building up the defenses for your base.

Don’t Waste Resources: Avoid Your Cap

If you don’t have enough storage for your resources, you’ll hit your cap often. This is not good, because you’re wasting resources you could have had and you aren’t making good use of your time! There are a couple of ways to avoid this. One is to spend as much as possible, as often as you can. Whether you put your money into troops or buildings is up to you, but spending it so you can acquire more is preferred to hoarding it and wasting your earning potential. Another way to avoid capping is by relentlessly upgrading your gold and elixir storage – though this can take up builders which you may want to use elsewhere. If you do cap, don’t worry too much about it, it happens to everyone.

Keep Your Troops Stocked (and Your Builders Busy)

A big part of the entertainment value of Clash of Clans is there is almost always something you could be doing to improve your standing in the game. As you get farther and farther in the game, however, upgrade times and troop training times will become longer and longer, so it’s important you utilize your energy as best you can. Before you go to bed, check in on your builder progress. Before you start your day, check in again, and assign any standing builders somewhere. If you don’t have any builders free, look to your next upgrade – how are you going to afford it? Do you need to go loot in the meantime? Troops take time as well, so save some time by training some troops before you go out on a raid, and always cap off your barracks when you use troops.

Join a Clan (or Several!)

Yes, this seems obvious – the game is called “Clash of Clans” after all, but far too many players wait far too long to join a clan. Clans are more than just a fun way to get to know new players, or to interact with your friends. You have the option to request troops from other players in the clan, participate in Clan Wars, and join the Clan Games when Supercell decides to host them next!

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