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The Console vs PC Debate

Console vs PC
By | September 14th, 2017 | Categories: Others

For such a long time, gamers have debated about which platform is better. It spawned the phrase “PC Master Race” when the PC side got overly enthusiastic while defending their chosen platform. However, is there a better platform? Well, this article will attempt to answer that Console vs PC question, and we’ll talk about the psychology of gaming.

What’s up with Console vs PC?

The Console Argument

Many players agree that consoles are more comfortable on a couch or in different positions rather than sitting down in front of a PC. Then, there are the exclusive games on a console that you can’t play on other platforms. Playing with a friend is as easy as giving them another controller to play, and with the internet, friends with the same console and game can play with each other. Some of them are even portable so that you could play on the go.

Consoles are affordable, and maintenance is easy. Also, consoles are ready as soon as you take them out of the box, with no fiddling about drivers and hardware. Consoles are convenient, which is enough for anyone just to pick up and start playing.

The PC Argument

Even though having a gaming PC needs a little more effort compared to consoles, they offer more functionality and versatility. PC users have argued that they can use controllers on their chosen platform. Plus, for a more console feel, they can just connect a TV to their CPU. It also lets them play games at a higher graphical quality than on consoles, and has the additional fun of modding. With the rise of piracy and emulators, PCs can practically do everything a console can, and more.

Individual games are also cheaper for PC than consoles. The rig might leave a dent on funds, but it’s an expense that won’t have to be repeated for a good few years. In short, PCs are more expensive but have better graphics and a larger pool of mods available to them, and cheaper games.

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Which platform is better?

Of course, both sides have disadvantages; for consoles, they have expensive games and are obsolete soon after the release of next-generation consoles. Players get about 4-8 years of play before the next in consoles in line get released. Some consoles have problems outside the ideal conditions of testing labs (e.g., the Xbox’s red ring of death and PS4’s cockroach problems come to mind). Also, portable consoles are prone to damage from being dropped or exposed to water.

For PCs, friends usually need another PC and copy of the game to play multiplayer (though there are some games for the platform that are innately for two or more players, except those are rarer nowadays). Updating hardware is a bit of a pain and eats up a chunk of money. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be done often; it’s also a non-portable platform, making it a home-only device. Laptops are portable but some are bulky, especially gaming laptops because they need the hardware comparable to a desktop.

So, weighing both advantages and disadvantages for both PCs and consoles, which is the best one? Here’s the answer: it depends on who you ask. There is no “best platform” because it’s based on individual preference.

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What are the probable reasons for the debate?

One reason is that PC gamers feel left out because developers are making more console games in comparison to PC games. It appears that they’re trying to gain more numbers so developers would make more PC games. There may be some truth to this since console games cost more than PC games and there are more console exclusive games. However, that alone isn’t enough evidence for the huge blow-up of online gaming fights.

Another reason is psychological: when humans feel they belong to a group, any attack made toward that group gets interpreted as an attack to oneself, which triggers a hostile reaction. There’s also the factor of attachment to a PC. Specialized PCs are almost always customized to the buyer’s preferences, and they’re also the ones to assemble it. The whole process of obtaining a PC fosters more attachment to the device than just unboxing a console and playing straight away. The emotional attachment creates a bond that can be threatened similarly to that of a group an individual belongs in.

The Verdict

A message in a forum discussion sums everything up nicely. The poster wrote this: It’s more a case of the right tool for the right budget than right tool for the right job. As mentioned earlier, there’s no “best platform.” If someone wants an easy to set up a gaming rig, a console is a good fit. If they want better graphics and flexibility, a PC is a feasible option.

Besides, the Console vs PC debate has been going on long enough. Although it has died down a bit, its echoes still ripple below the surface, through passive-aggressive insistence that so and so the platform is better. It’s ideal for everyone to just stop and let others enjoy video gaming to how he or she wants. However, it’s not possible with the current human condition. Perhaps this tentative silence on the issue is the best we can hope for currently.

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