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Cowboy Style Gameplay and Wild West Online Release Date

Wild West Online Release Date
By | August 28th, 2017 | Categories: Others

Wild West Online, an MMO developed by 612 Games can bring Wild West fantasies to your PC. Whether it’s bounty hunters, prospectors, deputy officers, outlaws, gamblers, or civilians, players choose what to do and how to survive. There are no classes, and the developers are considering character progression through skills. Before we get to the bread and butter, the Wild West Online Release Date, let’s talk about the world and gameplay.

The World

Wild West Online is an open world map, similar to Red Dead Redemption (which the game is based on) features wilderness, settlements or towns, lone farms, train stations, gang hideouts, and landmarks. There are uncharted areas explorers won’t be able to resist discovering. Towns offer many places to visit, including saloons, shops, and stables.

The game features a day-night cycle where players can shoot during broad daylight and hunker down for the night. There are hotels or inns to stay for the night, or you can drink and gamble in the saloons. Another alternative is to take advantage when the sun goes down to sneak in properties and steal things.

The Gameplay

Considering the history of the West, PvP is unavoidable here. Shootouts and showdowns mean that missing a shot may cost your life. However, there isn’t a “permadeath” condition, and you will safely respawn with all your skills and inventory intact. There are protected areas, but going further away from them increases the risk of encountering hostile players, making exploration high risk and high reward.

There is a moral aspect to characters and choices made in this MMO. If you’re witnessed doing lawless actions (i.e., stealing or safecracking) your wanted level (stars) go up. Earning enough of those stars will make your character an outlaw who can be shot by anyone, even in protected areas. On the other hand, playing the role of deputy gives a license to kill any bandits in sight. Also, Outlaws get special bonuses for killing lawmen.

With the right materials, you can make a camp that will benefit those in the same clan or group. Camps give various benefits, and you can kill invaders of a camp without repercussions. It’s a vital feature, as hunters and explorers will have to stay overnight in the wild as they travel. Traveling to quest destinations might require some work.

According to the FAQ section, characters can get customized with variable skin tones and the option to play as a Native American. Female characters can wear trousers if they desire. There will be community managed servers for role-playing purposes, as well as private servers, although both of those will get hosted by 612 Games.

When Does the Game Come Out?

Wild West Online is set to release by the end of this year (2017). The alpha testing should come out in September. If the game gets delayed, the launch could be pushed to early next year (2018). You could pre-order now and gain keys for the closed alpha and beta testing, along with a Steam key upon release. They’re even offering full refunds, as long as you ask for it before the second phase of alpha testing. Anyone could pre-order and join the alpha testing.

What Else?

Wild West Online will come out for PC and available on Steam’s site. The game has planned on future features to be released in expansions for free for all players. Some of these features include customizable player houses, scheduled server-wide raids, and new environments.

We can’t forget about the fort-defense type event, where NPCs ask players to protect a place for a night. The players have to barricade and booby-trap the place to defend it from other players for a set amount of time. Other players are summoned by an announcement that the area getting protected can be raided for loot. A shootout ensues between the invading and defending parties until one side gives up or time runs out.

Pre-order now to secure a slot for alpha and beta testing, as well as a Steam key once it’s released. I hope you’re looking forward to the Wild West Online Release Date! Happy trails, y’all!

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