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A CSGO Tournament in the Olympics?

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By | April 26th, 2017 | Categories: CSGO, Others

Historically, the Olympics are a time of unity, intense competition, and peace. Global warfare appears to be put on the back burner so that the best of the best athletes and foreign spectators can travel abroad safely.

eSports reached the approval as an official medal event in the upcoming Asian Games. It’s supposed to feature three games: (1)  FIFA, (2) League of Legends, and (3) DOTA 2. Before tournaments, eSports were a demonstrative sport. In fact, eSports is one step closer to becoming featured in the Olympics. While this is good news for pro gamers, including aspiring professional players, there are a few objections.


Gaming is still somewhat exclusive to those who have played. The rise of eSports is steering toward the limelight. On the other hand, most newcomers get confused with what is happening in certain games (e.d., DOTA 2 or LoL). In general, people are aware that sports exist because of cultural exposure and the media. However, video games don’t have the same exposure as sports, especially for older generations. Also, the stigma of gaming is that it’s still lingering, but perhaps less now than before. Currently, there are some actions taking place to lessen the confusion when starting a new game. For instance, there are “Newcomer Streams” for those who are interested in eSports but have little to no experience with gaming.

Another objection specific to CSGO is death. Arguably, any video game that’s not about a sport involves dying, and killing to some extent. Even RTS games, such as Starcraft are about war. Is the problem with gaming the depiction of humans killing each other?


There’s a chance that eSports will be in the Olympics in the future. More individuals are starting to take an interest (money is a motivator). With the support of people, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) might approve and incorporate eSports into the Olympics someday. As for a CSGO tournament to be in the Olympics, that’s a different ballgame. There’s no official word from the IOC. Ideas will probably be clearer by the time the Asian Games wrap up.

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