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So, perhaps you want to join the CSGO trade market, where fresh skins and trading cards are sold and traded. Maybe you’ve been playing for a while and skins have clogged your inventory. With the controversy surrounding CSGO trade, gambling with skins is a possibility, but risky. Whatever the reason, reading this post will help clear out some of the cobwebs regarding CSGO skins.

How to Get CS GO Skins

There are two main ways to get skins:

  1. Play the game for days and hours
  2. Purchase skins from other gamers who play CSGO

We’ll go through both ways to achieve CSGO skins, including the pros and cons, and what to look out for.

How to Get Skins in CS GO

Shooting people up on a VAC secured server is one way to get skins. Metallica said it best, “Seek and Destroy!” Spectating and playing offline or with bots is cool, but it’s not an effective way to get skins. A random skin or case will drop when match finishes. There are only eight drops a week. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, or what rank you place. Just play the game and kick some butt.

CSGO lets players gather resources to profit. I know, easier said than done. Gathering possessions to make a profit (gambling them is a different can of worms) can be tough. A player has to invest hours into to collect skins just to cover the basic pricing of skins for the game. Well, unless you’re lucky and find an uncommon or expensive skin.

Cases that drop also contain skins. However, they need a key to unlock them. Instead, purchase keys, which brings us to the next part: where to get CS GO skins.

Where to Buy CS GO Skins

There are weapon skins, cases, and keys that are available on portals where gamers offer to sell or buy CSGO skins. However, with the increasing numbers of hacking and scamming, it’s getting harder to trust vendors on every player to player trading site. Luckily, there’s a safe and reliable network: PlayerAuctions.

Something unique about PlayerAuctions is the PlayerGuardian system, which secures transactions on our site. The system encrypts data that prevents theft of information. For the sellers, the PowerSeller system helps to find a seller(s) who’s a good fit. The PowerSeller allows buyers to rate sellers on a five-point scale. Besides, our members can leave a review or comment on their overall service.

For the Steam Community Market, scam trades are obvious, according to posts and reviews. They usually involve rushing the trade, including things that you can’t add to the trade window (Steam Wallet codes or PayPal credit), or the impersonation of either a Valve employee/moderator or a friend. Keep in mind, never download anything at the request of another user (receipts and/or a proof of trade), which may install malware on your computer instead, letting the hacker take control of your computer. Black hat hackers are avoidable as long as you’re aware and careful.

What About CSGO Skin Prices

CSGO skin prices depend on the rarity and quality of the skin. Rarer skins have purple to reddish names. Skins with golden names are the rare breeds. Qualities typically tell how “used” the skin is. Countless battles mark Battle Scarred. With Well-Worn, Field Tested, Minimal Wear, and Factory New, the skin quality is random upon receiving and cannot be changed. There are StatTrak skins that track how many kills are made with that weapon, but are usually more expensive than their standard counterparts.

The general trend for prices is that rare and Factory New skins are more expensive. The CS GO most expensive skins are the more unique ones with Factory New or Minimal Wear quality, including StatTrak skin. However, it’s up to individual preference to how they want to pimp their weapon(s). It’s hard to determine what the best CSGO skins are.

We explored how to get CS GO skins, where to buy them, and the pricing structure. Now, you can dive in and begin a CSGO trade empire, or take what you’ve worked for, and raise it up a notch. In fact, PlayerAuctions has plenty of CSGO skins! Check them out on our secure platform, deck out your weapon(s), and get your purge on!

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