Destiny 2: Cross Save

Destiny 2 cross save
By | September 10th, 2019 | Categories: Destiny, Others

After Bungie officially parted ways with Activision, Destiny 2 was destined (pun intended) to move away from, a platform owned entirely by Activision. This shift from officially happens on October 1, when Bungie will, for the first time, be associated with Steam. If you are a PC player, you will not have access to from October 1, and will have to make the move. When this news was first announced, players had the proverbial question mark lingering above their heads. What about cross-platform saving? What about previous DLCs? Boy have we got good news for you! Bungie has already taken the first step towards a silky-smooth platform transition.

As of now, Cross Save is (finally!) officially available for all Destiny 2 players! It is free, extremely easy to set, and just what we’ve expected. Cross savingwill let you save and play the game across platforms, and will not have any additional charges. You will be able to switch platforms whenever you want, and keep playing on the same account with all of your progress retained.

Note that we still do not have Cross Play, where players from different platforms would be able to play and matchmake with one another. I definitely see that happening in the near future, though, considering how popular this game is going to get from October onwards.

Destiny 2: Cross Save is available right now on Bungie’s official page. Here’s what you need to know about the process and how it will affect future gameplay.

How do I set it up?

Cross Save will be supported on PC, PS4, Google Stadia, and Xbox One. Visit Bungie’s official Cross Save page ( and click on “Get Started”. Verify the accounts for the platforms you want to stay on (make sure you’re signed up for the Steam Move as well), and you’ll be taken to the Settings page. Select your characters, preferably the most active ones since those will be the ones you’ll play across platforms, and confirm. The site will allow you to verify and review changes. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you can finalize the process.

In the future, no content will be released that will be exclusive to one platform only. Clans will also be retained, but you will still have to play with clanmates on the same platform. However, you will not be able to merge any accounts and pick one character from one account and one character from another.

Do I have to purchase DLCs again?

Unfortunately, to play Destiny 2 on multiple platforms, you will have to own the DLC on each platform you want to play on.

If you’re trying Cross Play before New Light releases, you will have to buy the base game on the new platform again. The best idea is to just wait, since a ton of content that is currently paid-only is going to be free.

Which of my owned items will transfer?

Weapons, armor, Bright Dust, expansions/DLCs, and cosmetics will transfer.

What about silver purchases?

Silver purchased on a particular platform will have to be spent on that platform only. The only exception is if you’re shifting from to Steam, in which case you will be granted a one-time transfer option. All other progress such as weapons and rolls will transfer, but currency will not. Make sure you redeem your Silver purchases beforehand if you’re planning to make a platform shift.

What are “Shadowkeep” and “New Light”?

Shadowkeep is the upcoming expansion, releasing October 1. You can currently pre-order it on Steam. New Light is going to be the free-to-play version that will be released along with the Steam Shift. New Light will make the following things available for all players, for free:

  • The base campaign
  • Curse of Osiris and Warmind
  • Every planet as a patrollable area to do bounties on and explore — the Moon, Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, and all DLC planets
  • Full access to Crucible and Gambit
  • All Strikes and Year 1 Raids (Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars)
  • Any future non-DLC updates

If you already own any of these, you will notget any form of refund. The Complete Edition is currently on sale (40$), which includes everything that has been released so far. Forsaken, Y2 and Y3 annual pass, and Shadowkeep will have to be purchased separately.

What if I own Forsaken on and want to play it on Steam?

Good news: You will NOT be required to buy Forsaken or the previous Annual Pass on Steam. You will, of course, retain your progress from and will not have to buy previous DLCs again on Steam.

Will Forsaken be available on Steam? Do I need Forsaken to play Shadowkeep?

It will be. But currently, the bundle editions are the only way to purchase them. You do not need Foresaken or the Annual Pass content to play Shadowkeep.

What about Stadia players on PC?

Google Stadia will be treated as its own independent platform. Even though a Google Stadia player is playing on PC, matchmaking with a Steam player will be counted as cross-play and hence, will not be possible.

What about my friends?

Since and Steam are not associated in any way, your Friend List will not transfer. You will have to add each person again on Steam if you want to play with them on that platform.

Can I disable Cross Save?

You can, but it will require a 90-day wait if you choose to enable it again. Note: The move from to Steam will, of course, be permanent and irreversible. This means that if you want separate progress on separate platforms, your best option is to leave Cross Save disabled.

Final Thoughts

With Cross Save already being live, Destiny 2 is undergoing massive changes this year. And with Borderlands 3 releasing this month along with a big Warframe expansion coming up, it has surely taken great steps to stay ahead of the competition. Cross Save has been requested for years now, and players are definitely happy it has finally seen the light of day. We can only hope for an early release for Cross Play now.

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