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Destiny 2 Shaders: Bungie Gets Criticism for “Taking Step Backward”

Destiny 2 Shaders
By | September 26th, 2017 | Categories: Others

Earlier this month, Bungie released Destiny 2, making significant changes to the game three years after the original title was released. Most of these changes have been heralded as improvements, but for many players, the Destiny 2 Shaders feature isn’t quite as good as it used to be. Worse, it’s almost been transformed into a form of currency, one that comes with limited availability and hampers one’s ability to customize their character in any way, and whenever they wish.

A Look Back At Shaders in the Original Destiny

For those who aren’t familiar with how shaders work, or how they worked on the original Destiny game, this is a feature that allows players to change the color schemes for their character’s outfit. The shaders mechanic worked as followed: select tasks or activities would include shaders as a reward, with the shaders coming with unlimited uses. Basically, you could change those shaders any time you please, and you could easily choose a shader reflective of your play style or personal preference. The feature was a classic example of democracy at work in a video game. Although you could win shaders as rewards, there were no restrictions on usage, and there were plenty of options to go around.

What’s in it for You with Destiny 2 Shaders?

Unfortunately, Destiny 2 shaders do not give you the same freedom of customization, as Bungie has radically changed the mechanics on the latest Destiny iteration. As noted by Business Insider, shaders are now “consumable” (i.e., you can only use them once before they expire). The only way to “reuse” a shader is to collect more by completing activities as usual. Worse, shaders are issued out at random, meaning, there’s no option for players to single out a certain task for completion if they want a shader of a certain kind.

Aside from activity completion, Bungie also offers specific shaders for sale on the Eververse store, though that’s something many gamers probably won’t be too keen on doing. Naturally, the Eververse store would require you to pay real money, and if you consider the fact that you’re already paying $60 for Destiny 2, buying shaders isn’t the most economically sound thing to do. Well, that doesn’t even take into account the fact that only a few select shaders are available for purchase.

The New Mechanics Aren’t Without Advantages

Although going through hoops to get more Destiny 2 shaders of a certain kind sounds like torture, there are some advantages to the revamped feature. For instance, the game now allows you to apply shaders to individual pieces of armor and weapons; in theory, this allows for greater customization because you no longer have to be bound to one single shader for your entire outfit.

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The above-mentioned advantage has a couple important caveats for you to consider. The first is that you need to collect five of a certain shader to have a uniform color pattern for your character’s outfit. Sure, you can mix and match, but that’s also what leads us to the second caveat. Echoing what we mentioned earlier, shaders in Destiny 2 are now one use only in nature. So, if you change your mind and want to change shaders, you will essentially be wasting all five shaders you had previously used on your character. On the other hand, if you want to change back, you need to repeat the whole process from square one, and that can be a waste of time and effort for lots of players.

Destiny 2 Director Defended New Shaders Mechanic

With many gamers up and arms over how Destiny 2 changed the shaders mechanic so drastically, the game’s director, Luke Smith, took to Twitter and apparently put down the uprising just one day after the game was released. Business Insider quoted him as saying that he wanted players to have an “I want to run the Raid (or) Trials, or go back to Titan” to get more of a certain shader.

Business Insider opined that Smith’s “hard-line stance on shaders” wasn’t what gamers wanted to hear, as it overlooked the “punishing” new mechanics players have to go through. But what are your thoughts on Destiny 2 shaders, now that you know its pros and cons? Feel free to discuss on the comments section.

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    D-Money September 26, 2017 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    There are only pros to this – everybody that played over 10 hours gets tons of free shaders – I started deleting some already – Customization is much better as I can apply single shaders to everything.

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