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Destiny 2 – Corridors of Time: Everything you need to know

Corridors of Time
By | January 21st, 2020 | Categories: Destiny, Others

The 10th of December saw the release of Season of Dawn, the ninth season for Destiny 2, and it takes us back to Mercury to assist Osiris in quelling a Red Legion uprising — the Cabal faction was intent on changing their past using the ancient structures of Mercury. Unbeknownst to many, this latest adventure would introduce guardians to the long lost Saint-14: the Exo Titan and paragon of the old days, thought to have passed away. Y’know, the same guy who owned the helmet with powers you used to barricade your fireteam in Crota’s End.

After the previous weekly reset, however, players started sounding off on online spaces that Osiris (who is now in the Sundial Slipway in Mercury) is giving out a quest to explore the Corridors of Time, a labyrinthine construct used by the Vex as means to time travel. Initially, this puzzle adventure was thought to give out only lore cards, but if you’ve been religiously playing Destiny 1 and 2, you know there’s always more to it. After a transnational community effort by the Bungie community, it was discovered there was indeed something more: a story reveal and an item catalyst that would lead you to the (hold your breath!) Exotic fusion rifle Bastion.

What is the Corridors of Time?

The Corridors of Time, in a more narrative definition, is an ancient construct that the Vex uses to navigate time in a slipspace/slipstream manner (borrowing the term from old Bungie series Halo). As a game component, it’s the latest game space in Destiny 2 where you navigate a maze-like gauntlet of enemies, albeit the focus is less on the enemies and more on the navigating part.

Players who started traversing the Corridors soon found out that if you navigate the maze in a pre-defined manner, you’ll end up in a room with a coffin, a lore card, and some incoherent symbols — it’s important to remember all these three, we’ll explain it in a bit.

How do you start the Corridors of Time?

The Corridors of Time quest was unlocked after the previous week’s reset. Go to Osiris in the Sundial Slipway in Mercury; this should be familiar to you if you’ve done the initial quests of Season of Dawn, and you should, since there would be no point to continue if you haven’t. Immediately after accepting the quest on the pedestal, you will be taken to the Corridors of Time, signified by a shift to a monochromatic visual display.

If you remember the Infinite Forest which is the key area in the first Osiris DLC, the concept is almost the same. Except here, enemies are much stronger and the maze is far, far more complex.

What do we know about the quest so far?

There are 20 unique maze sequences called “codes”; these are sequential progressions in the maze marked by an emblem coined by the Bungie community as: Clover, Diamond, Snake, Plus, Hexagon (named as such because the emblems look like it). This works by going through a corridor marked by a Clover sign, then next a Diamond sign, and so on. 19 of these sequences give you a lore card in the end, while the other 1 leads to a character emblem.

The more intriguing and exciting aspect to all of this is that each pass through the Corridors of Time, regardless of the sequence you choose out of the 20 known sequences, gives out one of the symbols at the end. This is where Gadd, a Twitch streamer and bonafide Destiny player, along with an army of Destiny players worked together to piece together the symbols in a single string. This allowed them to create a map of the labyrinth and eventually, the correct path to the end of it all.

The final code/sequence and map is detailed in r/raidsecret’s FAQ: https://www.reddit.com/r/raidsecrets/comments/epyeln/corridors_of_time_faq/

How far have players made it in the quest so far?

As of this writing, the Corridors of Time quest is COMPLETED! Kudos to the whole Destiny and Bungie community for chipping in all their contributions, a pathway is now discovered. You simply need to go through this pathway (and stay alive!) to reap the rewards of Season of Dawn: the Bastion Exotic fusion rifle questline; that, and one of the best stories to be told in the game.


Now that we’ve got your attention with a SPOILER ALERT, you may want to scroll past this portion if you’d like to find out about the story yourself.

Still reading? Then we’ll let you know what happens you reach the end of the Corridors of Time quest.

Remember that early part we told you to keep tabs on — the coffin? It turns out Saint-14 is trying to show you your very own coffin in a potential future. As thanks for saving the Exo’s life from rewriting his demise to a renewed life at the tower, Saint-14 is showing you that he was able to avert your death. There’s also more to this, but we’ll leave it to the game to explain everything. We urge you to take on the adventure and not just grab the Exotic quest line (which we’ll explain below), as it’s definitely worth the trip.


How do we get to that point in the quest?

Initiating the Corridors of Time quest requires you to have completed the first quest steps of the Season of Dawn update. From there, it’s as simple as following through the final sequence in order to unlock the Exotic quest line for Bastion.

There is a community-scale reward to all of this, though.

Bungie has announced that as a reward to ALL Destiny 2 players who own the expansion, the quest line for Bastion will be immediately available from Saint-14 in the tower right after this week’s reset, which may have happened already by the time you read this. This means you won’t have to trudge through the Corridors of Time, but for the story alone, we urge you to! The reveal is one of the most dramatic we’ve experienced in the game, and it contributes to the fact that Saint-14 was reworked into the canon not just as a lazy piece of writing but as an essential contribution to the current canon of the story.

What did you think of the Corridors of Time questline? Are you excited to get the Bastion fusion rifle this week, or have you acquired it already? Were you as sleepless as Gadd in finding out the secret sequences of this puzzle adventure? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below; we’re eager to find out how the latest Destiny 2 adventure racked your brains with intrigue and anticipation.

We hope you liked this coverage. For more gaming articles, check out the rest of the blog here.

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