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How to get Warden’s Law in Destiny 2

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By | November 4th, 2019 | Categories: Destiny, Others

With Destiny 2 having plenty of valuable weapons locked behind long quests and complicated treasure hunts, it’s always refreshing to see a two-step procedure to get a solid Legendary.

Here’s how to get Warden’s Law:

  1. Complete the “Warden of Nothing” Nightfall strike
  2. Repeat till you get the weapon

Of course, Step 2 brings in the recursive factor of randomness, which is where the grind begins. You have to repeat the mission over and over again until you finally get the drop. You could do some math and check out the probabilities for the theoretical maximum number of runs required, but you’d likely get a different result. If there’s one thing random drops from games have taught me, it’s that probabilities mean nothing. You could get it on your first attempt or you’ll be grinding for hours.

Our How to get Warden’s Law in Destiny 2 guide will take you through the Warden of Nothing mission, and the desired perks on the weapon.

Warden of Nothing

Warden of Nothing is a one to three player Strike that is played in the Reef zone. It is unlocked in the Foresaken expansion and cannot be played without it. The mission takes place in the Prison of Elders where Guardians are trying to destroy the Mad Warden, a High Servitor. According to the lore, Mad Warden had previously supported them and had hosted the Prison of Elders alongside Varkis, the Loyal. The prison is slowly sinking into chaos and Guardians are on a mission to eliminate the Mad Warden in this Strike.

Steps to complete the mission:

  1. Head through to the Prison of Elders.
  2. Move the prison transport to reach the tunnels.
  3. Find your way through the tunnels, and make your way to the exit.
  4. Defeat the prisoner in combat.
  5. Defeat the Cabal and the following hostiles.
  6. Defuse three splinter mines and defeat the cabal.
  7. Find and claim Treasure.
  8. Defeat the Servitor.

Your score in this mission does not affect the probability of dropping the Warden’s Law weapon, so going for a 100k will make no difference. If you’re farming this mission, I’d recommend finding the official Destiny 2 LFG Discord. People are often grinding this Strike for the weapon, and it won’t take long for you to find a team. Make sure it’s a coordinated team so that everyone’s on the same page. This will ensure that you are able to finish the missions quickly and reduce the total amount of time spent in farming.

Warden’s Law: Overview

Warden’s Law is a legendary hand-cannon and is totally worth the grind, and even people who have played over fifty rounds of the Warden of Nothing strike will vouch for its effectiveness. It deals Kinetic Damage and fires in an aggressive burst mode. It uses Primary ammo and is placed in the Kinetic weapon slot.

Warden’s Law is a hard-hitting weapon and is more suitable for PvP, rather than trying to crowd control in PvE. It is great against yellow bar enemies as well, and fires two projectiles at once, one of them being explosive. Aside from the Crucible modes, I’ve found it to be exceptionally well against the tanky enemies in Gambit or Gambit Prime as well. While it is considered to be a reliable gun, it is largely dependent on the perks it gets.

Primary Perks

The main perks for Warden’s Law include:

  • Double-fire: Shoots twin-fire rounds
  • HitMark HCS: +Range
  • Richochet Rounds: +Stability, +Range, +Richochet Ability
  • (Trait 1) Rampage: Killing an enemy grants +Damage. Stacks up to thrice.
  • (Trait 2) Zen Moment: Damaging an enemy grants +Stability.

Warden’s Law: God Roll

Finally got a Warden’s Law but don’t know if it’s good? It can be hard to assess and compare perks, but here’s what are considered to be the best perks for the hand cannon:


  • Fastdraw: Agile hand cannon sight, +Handling Speed +Stability
  • Hitmark: Accurate hand cannon sight, +Range
  • Sureshot: Pinpoint hand cannon sight, +Range, -Stability, -Handling Speed


  • Extended Magazine: +Magazine Size, -Reload Speed
  • Steady Rounds: +Stability, -Range


  • Kill Clip: When a kill is followed by a Reload, grants +Damage.
  • Feeding Frenzy: Killing an enemy grants +Reload Speed for a short duration.

Range or Handling are desirable Masterwork perks, since +Range improves accuracy and +Handling is largely beneficial for ADS. Drop Mag can be quite useful too, but a few of the minor perks listed above can be varied according to your playstyle. While Steady Rounds may feel like it is a hindering roll due to the lost range, the stability actually makes up for it and makes it a pretty godly weapon. Kill Clip and Feeding Frenzy are the key perks in the above set of perks. If you got both of them, (I envy you) congratulations! You can stop farming and actually take this bad boy to the massacre.


Warden’s Law is a fantastic weapon. I’ve personally always been a big fan of hard-hitting guns, as there is something extremely satisfying about landing a shot with them. If you’re into hand cannons as much as I am, I would definitely put in the effort to grind Warden of Nothing. The strike isn’t too long or tedious, and with a properly leveled and coordinated team, it shouldn’t be hard at all. Plenty of people are still seeking this weapon, even a year post Foresaken, and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a squad at all. While you may have to repeat the process several times to get the best perks, it is worth it.

Whenever it comes to grinding weapons that require multiple runs, I always recommend taking it easy and spreading out the farm over a few weeks. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll be spending an entire weekend doing the Strike and getting nothing out of it, but if you are, you’ll get it on the first run. It’s best to dilute the grind by doing only three to four runs on a day. Warden’s Law is surely a great weapon and one of Foresaken’s finest contributions to the Crucible. With the tips mentioned in our How to get Warden’s Law in Destiny 2 guide, some time, and some luck, you’ll have this killing machine in no time. Good luck, Guardian!

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