The Division 2 Builds: Gathering the Right Build Combination

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One of the best gaming mechanics that every “looter-shooter” (or even the Role-Playing Games) have in common is the liberty that you have when you’re “building” your character. First, by playing a game with the same genre, you’ll get to see multiple drops that have different names, talents, and attributes across the board. Therefore, with the right combination, you’ll able to boost your in-game performance and get better results as you play. Most noteworthy, on the first levels this may not be impactful, but when you reach the “end-game” your chances of survival become higher with the right equipment.

Taking that in consideration, here are some examples for The Division 2 Builds that can boost your performance. Above all, read all these combinations and focus on the one that favors your game style. Later, as you progress even further, you may be able to discover more combinations with the different types of equipment that you’ll find around the entire map.

Which Builds are popular in The Division 2?

All of these examples are divided primarily into two categories, PVP and PVE. Therefore, if the Dark Zone is your favorite place to be, focus on those builds that deal extra damage to other players. On the other case, if you avoid conflict with other players, the PVE combinations are a better suit for you.

PvE (Player vs. Environment)

1. Sniper High Damage

  • Specialization: Sharpshooter.
  • Weapons: Nemesis, Model 700.
  • Talents: Bonus Damage to Elites, Weapon Damage.
  • Attributes/Mods: Weapon Damage, Headshot Damage, Bonus Armor.
  • Brand Sets: Arialdi Holdings.
  • Skills: Reinforcer Chem Launcher, Reviver Hive.

Strategy: Focus primarily on the “Elite” enemies with this build. First, aim for their head and try to maximize the damage of the Nemesis as far as you can go. Therefore, to take advantage of the talents, it is best to queue for missions on the “challenge” difficulty, where almost all the mobs have yellow health bars. Above all, freely roaming on the map is probably more difficult to endure with this build; because more “normal” enemies can surround you without too much effort.

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2. Endless Seeker Mind

  • Specialization: Demolitionist.
  • Weapons: Military M60 E4, Any SMG Weapon with the right Talents.
  • Talents: Perpetuation, Rooted, Recharged, Destructive, Skilled.
  • Attributes/Mods: Skill Power, Cooldown Reduction.
  • Brand Sets: Providence Defense, Alps Summit Armament.
  • Skills: Cluster Seeker Mine, Artillery Turret.

Strategy: As soon as you spot an enemy, run for cover and prepare your arsenal. Start with the Turret deployment and keep them controlled in the same place. Afterward, you go and throw as many Seeker Mines as you can. Furthermore, due to the explosive kills, you’ll be able to get a lot of ammo for the Grenade Launcher, which in return will help you in destroying any armor from the Elite enemies. Above all, remember to keep track of your cooldowns and use the M60 as much as possible to trigger the talents as well.

3. Full Support

  • Specialization: Survivalist.
  • Weapons: Any Shotgun and Assault Rifle with the right Talents.
  • Talents: Perpetuation, Rooted, Recharged, Protected Deploy.
  • Attributes/Mods: Skill Power, Cooldown Reduction.
  • Brand Sets: Providence Defense, Alps Summit Armament, 5.11 Tactical.
  • Skills: Mender Seeker Mine, Reviver Hive.

Strategy: Probably the least “fun” of the builds in this article, nevertheless, is the most important for survival in the hardest difficulties. Most noteworthy, instead of keeping track of the enemy’s armor, you need to keep an eye always for your teammate’s health. First of all, deploy the Seeker Mine when any conflict starts and send it to any injured partner; if someone is down, throw the Reviver Hive as soon as possible. Adobe all, you always need to be in cover and protected for any threats.

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PvP (Player vs. Player)

1. Extreme Assault Rifle Damage Dealer

  • Specialization: Sharpshooter, Survivalist.
  • Weapons: FAMAS 2010, Nemesis.
  • Talents: Optimist, Berserk, Vital, Devastating.
  • Attributes/Mods: Weapon Damage, Health.
  • Brand Sets: True Patriot, Fenris Group AB.
  • Skills: Reinforcer Chem Launcher, Booster Hive.

Strategy: With this build, you can either choose Sharpshooter or Survivalist, depending on your playstyle. First of all, you’ll get headshot damage and reload speed with the first option; or you can increase the Assault Rifle damage with the alternative specialization. Above all, you’ll deal a lot of damage to your enemies as run towards them, melting their defenses. Furthermore, the fewer bullets and armor you have, the more damage you’ll deal; as a result, this is a high risk, high reward type of play.

2. Riot Foam Controller

  • Specialization: Survivalist
  • Weapons: Any Assault Rifle and Shotgun with the right Talents.
  • Talents: Perpetuation, Rooted, Recharged, Ignited, In Rhythm, Destructive, Skilled, Reassigned, Wicked, Calculated.
  • Attributes/Mods: Skill Power, Cooldown Reduction, Damage to Elites.
  • Brand Sets: Providence Defense, Fenris Group AB, Alps Summit Armament.
  • Skills: Riot Foam Chem Launcher, Mender Seeker Mine.

Strategy: Using this precise combination of Talents and Skills, you’ll be able to perform combos that’ll boost your damage considerably. First of all, use your Riot Foam to leave your enemies stuck and getting them in a debuff “status.” Furthermore, throw an Incendiary Grenade and deal as much damage as possible with your weapons. Additionally, as you can tell, killing enemies with status will also give you special ammo for the Crossbow; which in return can be devastating for your adversaries.

Playing with Style

As you progress in the game, you’ll get more familiar with the different Talents and Attributes that every equipment has to offer. As a result, finding better combinations, later, will be easier for you to discover. Therefore, you’ll have more options to keep playing and “farming” for the perfect set up in the game. Most noteworthy, you’ll probably get some recognition as you share The Division 2 Builds that can dominate every single obstacle that the development team throws at us.

Above all, always keep an eye for the future patches that may chance some calculations in different parts of the game. Therefore, you’ll have a better idea of the skills or type of equipment that will work best on that version of the game.

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