The Division 2 Exotics: 8 Good Looking Weapons

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Just like any other RPG (Role-Playing Game) on the video game market, the “Looter-Shooters” have lots of equipment and customization to keep their audience interested for more. First of all, while you’re playing any of these captivating games; you’ll probably have had come across a random “loot” drop while you’re discovering your journey. Furthermore, these items may pop-up after killing a random enemy, opening a precious chest, or finishing a quest. Above all, to categorize every single equipment found around the map, the development team usually tends to group-up the entire “loot-system according to their functionality and availability.

Taking this into consideration, Massive Entertainment uses a particular category for The Division 2 Exotics. Similarly to any other Looter-Shooter, these weapons usually require a lot of “Farming.” In other words, you’ll probably have to repeat some missions over and over again, until you got lucky enough to find one. As a result, you’ll come across with some of the unique firearms that this game has to offer.

What makes a weapon Exotic?

Besides having some of the best-looking weapons in the game, some unique attributes make this category a “must have”:

  • Unique model and customization: Being “one of a kind,” all of the Exotic firearms have their unique “looks.” As a result, you have limited options to customize these weapons even further. Still, though, they look just amazing from the beginning.
  • Exclusive talents: Almost all of these Exotics have between two or three unique talents between their characteristics. Furthermore, every single benefit from these firearms is the main reason why they have the potential to be dominant on the battlefield.
  • Distinctive characteristics: Thanks to the peculiar talents, every single weapon from this category has the potential to change your gameplay. For example, you have the option to fire two times by pulling the trigger once, or the ability to reload a gun by dodging the enemy’s attack.

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Which Exotics are currently available?

1. Ruthless (Assault Rifle)

This firearm is one excellent example of an Exotic that can change the way you play the game. Most noteworthy, with a single press (and release) of the trigger, you automatically shoot twice. At the moment, you only were able to “find” this weapon by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition. Furthermore, when you unlock this weapon, it only comes with two talents, but it can be upgraded for three later in the game.


  • Binary Trigger
  • Brutality

2. Merciless (Assault Rifle)

Different mechanics surround this peculiar exotic that makes it so unique. First of all, you have the same components from the Ruthless, but it gets deadly with its additional explosive damage to your enemies. To obtain this firearm, you either improve the Ruthless or from a random drop by killing Hyena bosses.


  • Binary Trigger
  • Guerrilla Warfare
  • Brutality

3. Lullaby (Shotgun)

Besides shooting with this Exotic, you have the option to do different maneuverings between any random encounter to improve its efficiency. As a result, you’ll get improvements by punching your enemies on the face and rolling around. Similarly to Ruthless, this weapon was a unlock bonus by pre-ordering The Division 2 and can be improved (into Sweet Dreams) even further as you progress within the game.


  • Lullaby
  • Evasive

4. Sweet Dreams (Shotgun)

One of the best exotics that can give you lots of advantages if you’re close enough from your enemies. Furthermore, it has the potential to be useful in PvP (Player versus player), due to the debuffs that prevent your enemy from any healing. Above all, you can have this exotic by improving the Lullaby or from a random drop from Outcast bosses.


  • Sweet Dreams
  • Sandman
  • Evasive

5. Chatterbox (SMG)

If you’re able to master this weapon, you probably do not need to reload ever again. Therefore, with the different bonuses from its talents, your clip may never reach its end. Furthermore, being an SMG, its advisable that you close the gap between you and your enemies. Above all, this firearm can be yours by unlocking its blueprint and materials from a Hyena Chest.


  • Incessant Chatter
  • Box Magazine
  • Blabbermouth

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6. Pestilence (LMG)

This exotic has elements that improve the effectiveness of a PvP encounter, sadly though; they are precise. First of all, you need to kill, and enemy with more than twenty shots to summon a toxic cloud. Furthermore, the remaining enemies need to be close and static to make the cloud useful. In other words, you practically won’t use its full potential at all. Still though, if you want the entire collection, you can look for this weapon in occupied Dark Zones.


  • Plague of the Outcasts
  • Pestilence
  • Outcast Resilience

7. Nemesis (Sniper Rifle)

This firearm is probably the best sniper weapon in the game at the moment. First of all, it requires a lot of patience to be devastating and deal as much hurting as possible; you need to mark your target first and hold the trigger for a while. As a result, the upcoming damage has the potential to kill your mark with a single bullet. Above all, to unlock this weapon, you need to find its components between Invaded Strongholds.


  • Counter-Sniper
  • Nemesis
  • Preparation

8. Liberty (Sidearms)

Even though this exotic is between one category that is not that much popular, still has the potential to deal a lot of damage. It seems like; the trick though is to handle the enemy’s electronics with this sidearm and deal with him/her afterward. Most noteworthy, if done correctly, you’ll destroy any threats as soon as possible. Lastly, to obtain this specific gun, you’ll need to gather its parts between missions.


  • Liberty
  • Blind Justice
  • Independence

When is the right moment to farm them?

Due to their rarity and how troublesome it could be to gather a single weapon from this category, it’s advisable that you start the hunt after the last part of the “end game.” In other words, after you have to reach World Tier 5. As a result, you’ll have the best stats possible for that part of the game, and you won’t need to hunt for additional upgrades.

Become the True Hunter

Tons of hidden content is waiting for you to unravel in this particular game; some of them may take a little while to discover. Therefore, finding every single element of The Division 2 Exotics may look tiresome at first, but once you start with your collection and see their potential, you’ll probably want to unlock it all. As a result, you’ll have the best looking guns in the game and the satisfaction of having this collection in your account.

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