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The Division 2 Masks: Discovering the Hidden Messages

Division 2 Masks
By | May 13th, 2019 | Categories: Others

More than often we get to see some “Open World” video games that have a lot of hidden material around the gaming map that never fails to capture the player’s attention. Most noteworthy, this kind of content is popularly known as an “Easter Egg,” which more than often contains objects, images or sounds from another source. Furthermore, these secrets can either be too complicated to figure out or on the other hand, have a popular reference from a movie that almost all of us can figure out. For example, in “Far Cry 5” when your adventuring around the map, in a sewer entrance you’re able to see a red balloon; which without a doubt took its inspiration from Stephen King’s It. Consequently, The Division 2 contains lots of Easter Eggs that the player base still is figuring out.

Since the Massive Entertainment demonstrated the game through the Beta version to the public, players from every part of the World found some engaging elements around Washington D.C. First of all, some beta testers found NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) with funny names, some peculiar weapons, and the fascinating part of them all, some strange graffiti art. As a result, in this article, we’ll discuss how those unique images lead to compelling puzzles to solve, and to The Division 2 Masks afterward.

How did the community know about these Masks?

Just like the Easter Eggs, players soon found in the gaming map that some interesting graffiti had strange symbols besides an undistinguished cartoon. Furthermore, these symbols always came arranged in different “phrases” that formed a single paragraph. Therefore, various community members took their time to decipher this encrypted message into a clear message that we all could understand. Most noteworthy, even though the words became clear, there were more requirements to complete the puzzle and figure out the complete answer.

Sooner than later, members from a Discord server gathered all the clues and began solving every single puzzle at a time. As a result, they figure out that by doing unique interactions (for example, pulling a lever or shooting a light bulb) in different parts of the map, something else appears. Above all, when the puzzle is solved, a “Hunter” appears on your screen and begins an encounter. Consequently, if you’re able to defeat this powerful NPC; as a reward, you’ll get one of the multiple masks available in the game.

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Who are these Hunters?

At the moment there’s no much information about their origins, but their unique goal is the same, to exterminate all the remaining Agents. First of all, they’re all equipped with black clothing, trophies (Agents watches), and black ballistic “Masks.”


  • Identical Agent’s skills: With the aid of their “trophies,” these dangerous enemies can use different available skills that every Agent can equip. Therefore, they have the chance to throw you “Buster Fireflies” or blind you in the middle of the battle.
  • Hacking: If you’re not careful enough, they have the opportunity to “steal” your equipment and use it against you. For example, the Turret will suddenly find you as the primary target, or your healing drone may leave you and heal it instead.
  • Aggressive tactical approach: Within seconds they’ll try and hit you with every skill they carry. Consequently, they’ll “hunt” you down with full frontal assault. As a result, your armor will probably fly out of you in a blink of an eye.

How’s the entire process of unlocking a single Mask?

Before you began to decipher a single graffiti, there were some special requirements to make those Hunters appear and solve the puzzle:


  • Agent Edwards Support (Sidequest): There’s a particular quest (East of Demolition Site), where you find the first Hunter in the game, and you’re able to see their capabilities.
  • Reach level 30: Once you’re able to find a single Hunter (after the sidequest) in the game. Probably, you’ll notice that they appear as level 35; which even in “late-game” is still complicated to overcome.
  • Need to be in the night: These difficult enemies seem to dislike the light of the day. Therefore, they won’t appear if the sun is still in the sky.

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Demon Mask

Now let’s take the “Demon Mask” as an example to show all the required steps to complete a single puzzle:

  • Figuring out the Graffiti:
    “The Music in the Atrium
    You First saw the Hunter
    Is on a Sliding
    Scale Aim High
    End Low and You’ll
    Soon be There
    Every Good Boy
    Does Skip the Fine”
  • Finding the clues in the Map: As you can tell, different keywords lead you in the right way. First of all, it tells you to return where you first saw the Hunter (in the sidequest); this time though, you need to reach the “Atrium.” Furthermore, once you get there, you’ll soon find out some targets to shoot. Therefore, to know the sequence, the clue tells you to “Aim High and End Low.” As a result, when you hit the targets from high to low, the Hunter will appear.
  • Defeating the Hunter: If you’re skillful enough, killing this enemy’s NPC maybe is not that hard for you. Therefore, this last part of the puzzle may be not that complicated, and you’ll get the reward soon afterward.
  • Ivory keys: Additionally to the puzzle, each of these Hunters will drop an Ivory Key for you to gather. Most noteworthy, once you have eight keys on your inventory, you’ll be able to unlock a chest in the White House.

Let the Hunter be Hunted

Game mechanics such as these tend to give a video game more attention and appeal. Therefore, when you discover every single clue and solve all the puzzles, you’ll be able to show the other players your achievements by equipping one of these masks in your character. As a result, finding The Division 2 Masks, you’ll be transmitting the message that you aren’t afraid of these Hunters and that you’re ready for better challenges in the future.

Furthermore, there are some rumors that the (soon to come) Raids will have more puzzles to solve. Therefore, if you found these Masks easy to get; you should join the community and solve them as soon as possible. Either the case, elements like these always help to glue the player base even further, and give us the motivation to explore.

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