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The Division 2 Skills: Revealing the Agent’s True Potential

Division 2 Skills
By | June 24th, 2019 | Categories: Others

This time around, we’ll discuss some of the best well-known gaming mechanics from this game. Therefore, in this article, the focus is The Division 2 Skills that are currently available. Most noteworthy, each of the eight options you can choose, have an additional variation that has the potential of giving other properties. As a result, you have many opportunities to improve your gameplay by having more tools in your repertoire.

Without further ado, let’s continue with the subject at hand:

How many Skills are available in the game?

There are 8. Each have their variations and strategy.

1. Chem Launcher

  • Variations: Firestarter, Riot Foam, Oxidizer, Reinforcer.
  • Strategy: Some of the best perks of using any Chem Launcher is how they have the potential of improving your performance. First of all, you have offensive tactical advantages when you use variations like Firestarter and Oxidizer; with them, you can either set your enemies on fire or reduce the effectiveness of their armor. In contrast, you have the Riot Foam that works as a crowd control ability, and the Reinforcer, which is an AOE (Area of Effect) armor restorer.

2. Drone

  • Variations: Striker, Defender, Tactician (Sharpshooter), Bombardier, Fixer.
  • Strategy: Like the Chem Launcher, the Drone can either be useful for either defensive or offensive ways. Therefore, if you’re planning on increasing your attack capabilities even further, you can either pick Striker or Bombardier. Dissimilarly, you have the Defender and Fixer variations to boost your survival proficiencies in the middle of the battlefield. Most noteworthy, the Tactician variation is only available to you when the Sharpshooter specialization is active; this time around the Drone can aid you in finding those enemies that like to hide and throw abilities consistently.

3. Hive

  • Variations: Stinger, Restorer, Booster, Reviver.
  • Strategy: In contrast to the previous mentioned Skills, the Hive contains more defensive variations. Hence, if you’re looking for an aggressive approach, the Stinger is your best bet. Otherwise, you can either have the Booster to improve your performance, Restorer to keep your armor from depleting, and Reviver to have a second life or help a downed teammate.

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4. Seeker Mine

  • Variations: Explosive, Airburst, Mender (Survivalist), Cluster.
  • Strategy: This time around, the Seeker Mine exceeds whit its offensive capabilities. First, you have the Explosive variation that seeks its target and “rolls” to its destination and detonates. Secondly, you have the Airburst that finds the enemy, goes closer, “jumps,” and releases a burst to complete its function. Additionally, you have the Cluster, which splits into smaller seekers with different targets to track and cause some damage. Finally, the only defensive variation is only available with the Survivalist specialization; this time around the seeker stays closer to your or a teammate with the primary function of keeping your armor at full capacity.

5. Turret

  • Variations: Assault, Incinerator, Artillery (Demolitionist), Sniper.
  • Strategy: When you want to go full offensive, look no further, all the Turret variations are meant to hurt your enemies in some exciting ways. Therefore, you have the Assault turret that needs a place on the ground for it to start aiming at the nearest enemy and shoot until its depleted. Furthermore, you have the Incinerator that keeps throwing fire in a designated area until it runs out of fuel. Another option is the Sniper turret that needs a little bit more attention but can deal tons of damage to their targets. Most noteworthy, the Artillery, which is only available through the Demolitionist specialization; has the potential of giving lots of chaos to the designated area.

6. Firefly

  • Variations: Blinder, Demolisher, Burster.
  • Strategy: Even though the Firefly has an exciting concept, sadly, currently is the least favorite now. This time around you gets to choose between the Blinder, which like its name says, its primary function is to give the “blind” status to your enemies. Consequently, you have the Demolisher which exposes weak points of your adversaries and tries to exploit them. Subsequently, you got the Buster, a new tool that attaches some explosive charges that detonate when two affected enemies go near each other.

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7. Pulse

  • Variations: Scanner, Remote Sensor, Jammer, Banshee (Gunner).
  • Strategy: If your gameplay leans to something like one tactician, this is the best choice for you. First of all, you have two similar variations, one that is the Scanner which emanates from you and highlights the enemy’s location. Additionally, you have the Remote Sensor that keeps monitoring a specified place. Subsequently, you have the Jammer, which aims to disrupt your adversary’s gadgets. Last but not least, you have the Banshee which is only accessible through the Gunner’s Specialization; its primary function is to launch a forward arc that confuses all the enemies affected by the wave.

8. Shield

  • Variations: Ballistic Bulwark, Remote Sensor, Deflector.
  • Strategy: This is skill is the total opposite to the Turret, giving you only defensive variations. Most noteworthy, you have the Ballistic Bulwark which is an entire replica of the outstanding skill from the first Division; like the previous version, you deploy a shield that protects any incoming damage, but you only have the option to use a sidearm for attacking. Additionally, you have the Remote Sensor variant that leaves your head and legs unprotected, but gives you the opportunity of using a primary weapon. Most noteworthy, you can pick the Deflector which ricochets any upcoming bullets to a designated area.

Choose Wisely

As you can tell, there are many ways to improve one specific build of one character by giving him/her additional tools that aim to expand their offensive or defensive capabilities. As a result, you have the option of picking two The Division 2 Skills that can both make the game fun for you and keep you alive on the battlefield. Most noteworthy, you have unique variations that can boost the specialization capabilities, which expands the repertoire even further.

Above all, we still have two more incoming specializations from the first year. In other words, maybe two more variations from the different skills that we can see shortly. Indeed, it may be challenging to pick only two between all of them for just one single build.

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