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The Division Game Review and Information

By | March 15th, 2016 | Categories: Others

What is it About?

Tom Clancy’s, The Division is third-person shooting video game that was carefully developed by Ubisoft in partnership with Red storm Entertainment. It ensures seamless compatibility with the Microsoft Operating system, PlayStation 3 and 4, as well as Xbox. The newly released video game was developed with modern state of art sceneries and an awesome plot. It premiered on March 8th, 2016 for worldwide access. The dimension and detail of this game should be admired. The Division Gameplay is as follows:


The Division takes place in a mid-crisis Manhattan, a world that is vast and open. But creates a destructive environment that offers a breathtaking experience for a player to explore. The mission is to restore order in a pandemic-stricken New York City as a virus threat sweeps through. The residents are forced to spend days without food, water, medical services, and other vital amenities. The Division unit is activated to bring sanity to the torn city. A self-supporting and tactical agency, which is well equipped with weapons, explosives and mines to fight the enemies.  The unit is faced with the enormous task of attacking an intelligent unit of enemies, fierce fire fights and attacks ensue. These forece the player to take cover by hiding behind the objects and seek tactical attacks.

Points and currencies

The Division enables the players to earn points as they progress and gain currencies that are useful for customizing the gameplay. They can enhance the weapons gallery, put on complex protective gear, and practice new attacks as well as protective skills. To complete the mission, the player must demonstrate the ability to use complex gun turrets. Tag enemies, and throw grenades at the enemy. The splendid scenery in the war-torn city are modified by an adjustable weather system. This may either work to the advantage of the division agent or against them. The dynamism in weather is diverse as it incorporates storms and thunder that creates a glamorously different appearance for the city and alters the plans of your enemies.

The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is a special feature in The Division that is available in the multiplayer model. It is chocked full of exquisite and highly sophisticated weapons left behind by the military. However, caution and precision are needed to access the area since the weapons can only be flown using a helicopter. You also need to protect the contaminated loot of other agents.

The Wider Plot

In the United States, smallpox viruses are planted on dollar bills. That rapidly circulate in the cities leading to a standstill and chaos from an insurgence. Through the order of the President, a Homeland Division is set up and instructed to prevent a complete collapse of the country. While living out their lives, The Division agents encounter NYPD, disaster Responders, and NYNG, who collectively form a Joint Task Force that works with the agents. The joint team attacks prisoners and bandits that are referred to as Rioters. Also taking a role is a rogue military unit that uses extreme force in a bid to restore sanity to the cities. To accomplish the mission, the player taking the role of The Division agent must engage the enemies. He also needs to pass through the various challenges to create cease-fire. Only then will America be saved.

The game gets our strong approval due to its scenery, mechanics and story line – although some elements are still in need of work. If you need help with the game, then check out our The Division power leveling service.

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