Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Beat the Lesser Drake and Dragon

Dragon's Dogma 2 Lesser Drake
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The two dragon-style bosses are one of the harder fights in Dragon’s Dogma 2, requiring coordination with your pawns and understanding their weaknesses. The dragons not only have their standard breath attacks, but they also have access to magical attacks that can cover a large area. They can be especially tough for melee classes, but this guide will detail some tips and tricks to make these bosses easier to fight.

Dragonsbreath Tower Drake Guide

The Lesser Drake at Dragonsbreath Tower is different than the regular Drakes found elsewhere as it is far more malformed in appearance and easier to fight. Unlike the other Drakes, this creature has multiple weakspots all over its body, which look like fleshy tumors. Destroying each tumor deals a heavy amount of damage to the Drake. Once they are destroyed, it will enter an animation where it stands on its hind legs and regrows the tumors. In the meantime, aim for the head before the next set of tumors appear. It’s especially weak to Ice damage while resisting all other elements, so bring a Mage or Sorceror Pawn with Ice spells and carry an enchanted weapon with Ice. There are pillars around the tower that can be knocked down to deal a good chunk of damage, but you and your Pawns can also be hit by these pillars, so plan accordingly.

It uses a slam attack whenever you are engaging it in melee. It can also swipe at you with its claws should you be right in front of it. As a dragon, it can breathe fire and spew poisonous acid from its mouth and chest that inflicts a heavy DoT on those caught by it. It can sometimes enter a rage state and do a 360 tail sweep that can knock back anyone caught in the radius. Be mindful of where you fight the Drake since you’re fighting at the top of the tower and could easily get knocked over the edge and die instantly. The same can be applied to the Drake, as staggering it over the edge instantly kills it.

Melee vocations can do decently against this boss, but Magick Archers are very effective since you can hit multiple weakspots simultaneously with ice arrows, dealing extreme damage to the Drake.

Overworld Lesser Drake Guide

These bosses are much more difficult than the Drake found in Dragonsbreath Tower as its only weakspot is a single glowing heart in its chest. Much like the other Drake, it’s also vulnerable to Ice damage. Hitting the heart enough times will cause the Drake to stagger, and with enough staggers, it will knock the Drake down, giving you a window to unleash your strongest attacks on it.

These Drakes can cast magic on the ground and mid-air, making it a dangerous foe. Its spells include placing delayed fire blasts on the ground, summoning pillars of lightning, and casting homing ground blasts that explode under you. They have a grab attack that inflicts Dragonplague if it catches a Pawn, but if it grabs you, it will slam you to the ground, dealing heavy damage.

As previously mentioned, the Magick Archer can make short work of this enemy when focusing all your magic shots at its chest. The Warrior vocation can also chunk its health with the Heavensward Sunder skill, which has a generous hitbox that launches you straight up.

Killing a Drake will net some good rewards with Wakestones, Dragon Scales, and Wyrmslife Crystals, which will be valuable in the post-game.

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