list Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Defeat Guardian Gigantus

Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Defeat Guardian Gigantus

Dragon's Dogma 2 Guardian Gigantus
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Shown in much of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s trailers, Gigantus is an iconic boss fight in the game and plays heavily into the monster climbing fantasy unique to the Dragon’s Dogma series. When stepping foot into the Volcanic Island region, you will get started on the Guardian Gigantus quest mission. Gigantus is a massive, animated statue that will slowly reach the Moonglint Tower. This boss fight takes multiple phases to complete and can take a while to defeat, but with this guide, you can make quick work of Gigantus easily and effectively.

Pre-Boss Fight Preparation

Before heading to the region, you should start stocking up on stamina recovery items. Consumables like Harspuds, Dried Spuds, Dried Fruits, and Roborants to gain stamina as you will be clambering onto Gigantus for most of this boss fight (if you play a melee class). The Fruit Wine consumables or anything that gives the Vigor buff will also be greatly helpful since Vigor will reduce the amount of stamina drained while climbing. As for Pawn Vocations, bring an Archer, a Mage, and a Thief to your party. If you can, keep your overall weight to a minimum, as item weight dictates how much stamina is drained when doing any action.

Gigantus Mechanics

The fight will start with a cutscene of Gigantus once you cross the Moonswax Bridge and reach the tip of the island. In this stage, all you can do is follow the boss as attempting to climb up on it while it’s at sea will make you fall into the Brine and kill you instantly. After this cutscene, make your way to the main island. Once you and the boss make it to the island, make your way up the cliffs and try to climb onto its shoulders.

Like all boss monsters, this boss has its vulnerabilities. Gigantus’ weakspots are marked by spikes around its body, which you need to destroy to weaken. You need to hit the pink crystals at the base of the spikes to dislodge them. Archers and Mages can easily dislodge the spikes since they can access ranged attacks. Warriors, Thieves, and Fighters will have to clamber on Gigantus and hit these weak spots in the old-fashioned way, which is why we recommend you bring stamina-restoring curatives for this fight. Once the spikes are removed, you can pick these up for extra Wakestone shards. If Gigantus reaches Moonglint Tower, it will be killed by the guards. Should it be defeated this way, you will gain no experience points.

You will have to prioritize the spikes found on the upper torso of Gigantus, specifically the left chest, right shoulder, back, upper left arm, and right eye. These are important since you won’t have enough stamina to climb up from the foot. You can also use the shoulders to restore stamina as you can stand on them to rest and regain stamina. If you’re dealing with these weakspots, don’t get greedy and climb back up to the shoulder if your stamina reaches 20% of the gauge. If you lose your grip and fall, try to land on one of your Pawns, as they will catch you and negate any fall damage you might take.

The second stage of this fight occurs once you reach the Volcanic Island Camp with ballistae surrounding the valley. NPC guards will help you deal with the weakspots. If you plan to use the ballistae, ensure you’re way ahead of the boss since you must draw the bowstring to launch a ballista shot. The ballista also cannot turn 180 degrees, meaning you can only shoot targets in front of you.

Throughout the fight, Gigantus will be staggered by the environment, which gives you opportunities to climb easier when it’s on its knees. If you still need to destroy the spikes on the upper torso, this would be the best time to do it since it won’t move around to further drain your stamina.

Once all spikes are removed, it’s only a matter of time until it dies. If it still walks around, keep shooting it with the surrounding ballistae.

Best Vocations for Gigantus

The Thief Vocation is currently best suited for this fight with its passive Vigor augment for less stamina consumption and Controlled Fall, which reduces fall damage for this fight. It also has access to Helmsplitter, which can quickly destroy the lower weak points. However, if climbing isn’t your style, the Archer Vocation makes this fight a little more manageable but will also take longer to finish. If you have the Wayfarer vocation, you can use a Mage staff to float your way onto the boss, then switch to a melee weapon to start hacking away at the spikes.

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