Overwatch 2 D.Va Guide

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Overwatch 2 has many characters to choose from, and D.Va is a tank with high health and decent mobility that can come close to her enemies. Depending on her opponent, she can take care of a 1v1 fight. This guide will tackle tips, tricks, and strategies for playing D.Va, the mech piloting pro gamer, to help you master her play style. D.Va is relatively easy to pick up, unlike most characters in the game.

Fusion Cannons

Fusion Cannons are two short-range cannons that spray shotgun-like rounds accessible only in her Mech. The short side of this is that the cannons fire at a medium and close range; being any further away will lose its effectivity, and you will miss your shots or deal less damage. The tactic here is to corner your enemies, isolate them to ensure victory in the fight, and aim at their upper body for sure damage.

Light Gun

A fast-firing automatic blaster which D.Va can use when her Mech has been destroyed. She will eject herself. In this state, D.Va is out of Mech, making her a smaller target. The downside is she is more vulnerable, and her health is now cut in half. Despite this, her Light Gun can shoot from a distance and even land headshots.


Mobility is another thing you need to keep in mind when playing Overwatch 2. D.Va’s mobility has been raised when using her boosters. She launches her Mech forwards in the air for a movement buff. She can knock them back and deal them damage if charging toward an enemy. It would be best to pair this while shooting with her Fusion Canon for a more aggressive play while activating her Defense Matrix.

Defense Matrix

Probably one of the best abilities in the game. If used correctly, it will become your most vital asset.

  • Absorb Abilities: D.Va is only one of the heroes in Overwatch 2 that can consistently absorb abilities in the game. While you are playing D.Va, it would be best to maximize Defense Matrix as much as possible.
  • Tip 1: Track your ability
  • Tip 2: Positioning
    • Be aware of your position at all times. Isolate enemies on a 1v1, especially when an enemy is flanking; using this ability to face or chase them will give you an advantage.
  • Matrix to help with Rotations: Overwatch is best played by getting a better position, and rotations, with perfect timing, can give you the window of opportunity to position yourself better for the team.
  • Use Matrix to help yourself and your teammates: When your or your teammates’ health goes down, use your Defense Matrix to protect yourself and them. Lower the risks by activating the ability with no hesitation.

Micro Missles

Not much to explain about these little guys; they are great for breaking armor and getting an Ult charge. One thing to note here is to save them for a 1v1 fight to gain the upper hand.


Unlike when your Mech gets destroyed, here you will use your Mech as a bomb and set it to Self-Destruct, also known as “D.Va Bomb.” D.Va will launch her Mech down corridors and surprise the enemy by combining your other abilities for detonation, like using her boosters. The blast radius from Self-Destruct is so strong that any enemies that survive may be knocked back and fall into a pit or cliff; this is where your game sense would need to come into play.

  • Tip 1: If your Mech is about to be destroyed, and you can take cover, it is best to Self-Destruct the machine and re-mech. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Tip 2: Experience players have line-ups for their Self-Destruct, and if you can learn the best spots, that can turn the tide of the game, but not everyone has to learn these line-ups. Sometimes an improvised D.Va Bomb works just as well, be sure to have cover when you are out of your Mech.
  • Tip 3: Hop on a custom game to learn how to combine your boosters and your D.Va Bomb because if you use your total boosters, the Bomb will skyrocket. It would be better to use half the boosters to give the Bomb to descend and explode.

D.Va Overwatch 2 Playstyle

To use D.Va effectively, always be aware of your flank. Use your Defense Matrix or shoot them dead, depending on who it is. For example, if a solo Winston leaps in, there is no use using your Matrixing his damage; instead, use Micro Missles and your Fusion Cannons. Another situation would be if a Reaper would attack your supports, it would take a few shots to knock them down. For this situation, is where you can use your Matrix. Lastly, when an enemy is on the high ground, jump up and try to pick them off when you push through them. Try not to lose your Mech in the process. It will prove your skills as a tank.

When there is no threat to your backline, you push through and apply pressure to your enemy team by going into the frontline; especially when your team cannot enter, you can dive into the battle ahead. Take advantage of your mobility and remove your enemies from the sides while Matrixing your other tank (if you have one), but do not forget to take cover when you need to, as you are not invulnerable.

Sometimes you can dive into the backline to secure a kill and prevent heals, but if it is too risky, fall back and regroup, then save that play for later until you have your ultimate.

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