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Elder Scrolls Online: A Beginners Guide to Skills?

By | May 2nd, 2014 | Categories: Others

So we have been happily burning the midnight oil here at PlayerAuctions. over the last few weeks thanks to the much-anticipated release of Elder Scrolls Online. Last month we posted. a pretty detailed run down on the game and what new features players could expect. Now, we have played the game for a while and also listened to some of your problems. So we think it is a good idea to delve a little deeper into the world of Tamriel with a beginners guide to skills.

In Elder Scrolls Online, the leveling system is alot like your traditional MMO. Your level is determined by the total amount of experience points.  We know everyone wants to get to level 10 as quickly as possible. Why? Reach level 10 and you get  Alliance War battles in Cyrodill, or PVP.  But we’ve hear many of you have hit Level 7 like a brick wall! So we thought we would explain the important role skills play; what are they and how can they help you.

Your level is determined by the total amount of experience points.

What are Skill Lines?

ESO allows for a very flexible and personal approach to the skills you acquire. It is pretty easy to learn a new skill. If you want you could learn them all, but using them all at once is not the point. With the hotbar in ESO you are limited, so you need to think carefully about what skills you have and how you use them. At any given time,  a character can have 1 Ultimate, 5 Active and 4 Passive Skills activated.

At level 15 you do get a second hotbar which allows you to switch but earning new skills is not enough. Skills need to complement each other, but even then that is not enough. Knowing what direction you want to take your character, knowing what skills you have and what skills you should develop is not enough. You also need to know how to and when to use them. ESO skills can be levelled up by gaining Skill Points or by collecting rare in game items called Skyshards.

At any given time,  a character can have 1 Ultimate, 5 Active and 4 Passive Skills activated.

Below are the different skill lines available on ESO.

Racial Skills: This is the first skill you select and will depend on the race of your character. Each of the races of Tamriel have different skills.

Class Skills: Once you select your class you obtain some new skills. Remember your class cannot be changed but act as starting point for players to build from.

Weapons Skills:  Free for anyone to learn. There are 6 different weapon skills to learn.

Armour Skills:  All classes can wear any type of armour. Players can mix and match their choice since different armour restores elements such as Magickam Stamina or boost your defense. Choose wisely!

Crafting Skills: These are available from the start and whilst it may not sound the most glamorous skill to begin with, someone who can craft armour, weapons even potions is more than worth their weight in gold.

Alliance War Skills: Alliance War Skills are gained, specifically, by earning Alliance Points in the Cyrodiil’s PVP area and provide critical boosts to allies in the middle of massive battles.

Guild Skills: These are unlocked after you join a particular faction in the game, such as Fighters or Mages Guilds. You can join as many Guilds as you want but a some guilds will more naturally complement your style of play than others.

World Skills:  A whole world of diverse skills can be earned as players explore Tamriel.

What is the difference between Active and Passive abilities?

Passive abilities are constantly active and do not need to be triggered in combat. Active abilities need to be selected during battle.

How do you use skills to level up?

Each level a character gains will earn them an attribute point to increase stats and a skill point to unlock a new skill from one of their trees.  As soon as you have unlocked a skill you can place it in your hotbar. Using it frequently gains you experience in that skill so practice makes perfect. Eventually, you will be able to morph that skill into an upgraded version.  You can find rare items like Sky Shards to level up your skills. Gathering several of these will equal one Skill Point.  This way, even after an adventurer reaches the level cap of 50, they’ll still be able to work on learning all of the skills the game has to offer.

Tips and Advice:

Experiment before committing.

The old addage of try before you buy. It is worth experimenting to find what skills you want to develop and what skills you enjoy. No point just going through the motions for the sake of it… ESO takes time. You need to enjoy the hours we know you are all putting in 🙂

Follow the main story arch.

Whilst the beauty of ESO is the endless little quests don’t lose site of the main goal. Don’t ill equip yourselves because others will hate you when things really get interesting.

Spend at least 1 skill point on each of your class skill lines.

We don’t mean be a jack of all trades, what we do mean is have a broad understanding of all the skills. This allows you to be a little flexible and able to react to whatever gets thrown at you!!

Check back to the hub in a couple of weeks more more updates on the great and good of ESO.

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