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EVE War Update!

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By | May 19th, 2016 | Categories: Others

Eve war is upon us! The biggest war that’s ever raged in any video game ever made is taking place. In the enormous galaxy that is home to the epic, 13 year-old space epic and MMORPG, tens of thousands of real players are in the fight of their lives.

And things are starting to heat up.

Those of you that play EVE, and probably many other gamers out there, are well aware of this fantastically big conflict. It’s been going down between The Imperium, EVE’s biggest coalition, and the informal and decentralized rebellion going by the name Moneybadger Coalition. They have risen up this year to challenge the mighty Imperium.

But some of you might be out of the loop or completely in the dark about EVE. Here’s a short breakdown of what’s going on in what’s being called “World War Bee,” and what might come next.

World War Bee (Eve War, The Battle of M-OEE8) Update, Late May 2016

The Imperium, after years of seeming unassailable in its dominance of the galaxy, is cracking.

After lording their position over the rest of EVE for years, and following the failed Kickstarter campaign to fund a book about their exploits, The Imperium has found that they’ve perhaps sowed a little too much ill will in the universe. Ships and players from all over EVE, including many who had not been active in the game until rejoining to take part in this conflict, have banded together into massive fleets under the Moneybadger Coalition banner. Despite its own power, The Imperium has not been able to match the numbers in these enormous fleets.

Where once they would have stood their ground and engaged in tremendously large battles with their attackers, The Imperium has instead decided to take a tactic of holing themselves up in their impenetrable central systems. This leaves much of the rest to be conquered by the MBC’s huge fleets unopposed. This tactic has saved money and power for The Imperium in a sense that nothing is lost in direct conflict. But it has also caused much of The Imperium’s membership to get frustrated with their alliance and leave. Big-time alliance members the SpaceMonkey’s Alliance and Fidelas Constans have recently followed Circle of Two in leaving The Imperium to focus on their own internal issues (largely caused by the war), further lessening the strength of EVE’s “bad guy” coalition.

The Goonswarm Federation

That being said, the central strength of The Imperium has always been with their core organization, the Goonswarm Federation. They still have the most members of any EVE alliance by well over 1000 active members over the next largest group. Goonswarm is currently attempting to bring more members in by offering to absorb members of ally organizations to attempt a plan they call “Forging the Goonhammer.” This essentially involves keeping large numbers of members in highly fortified and secure systems while waiting for the loosely organized MBC to break up or gain other enemies. When the time is right, Goonswarm and the remainder of The Imperium plan to sweep back through the systems they’ve lost. They expect to be lightly defended, as it would take a great deal of organization and resources for the MBC to remain in their conquered space.

Goonswarm and the Russians will help decide the EVE War

Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. Many of Goonswarm’s important Titan construction yards have been destroyed, and new forces, such as a pair of large Russian alliances, have entered the fray. This may or may not cause The Imperium more grief (but certainly will cause someone grief). It is going to be a fierce fight no matter what happens…

What is without question, however, is that this is the most exciting event the universe of EVE Online has ever seen. The eyes of gamers everywhere are turned toward the fray, thrilling at every battle and each twisting turn of the events.

When the largest battles of video game players ever are going on right before our eyes, it’s certainly a good time to be a gamer. If you are involved in the EVE war, or want a headstart. You can buy cheap EVE Isk here.

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